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Chapel HIll elections

So where if anywhere are folks posting about local elections? This fall Orange-Chatham Sierra Club endorsed these candidates for Chapel Hill. Mayor: Pam Hemminger and Town Council at-Large: Sue Hunter, Tai Huynh, Michael Parker, Amy Ryan. Pam Hemminger is the incumbent running for reelection. She has worked on a number of environmental Issues. Michael Parker is an incumbent. I frequently saw him at the Moral Mondays marches in Raleigh. Amy Ryan has served on a number of town boards. Sue Hunter has been an advocate against domestic violence. Tai Huynh is a student at UNC and owner of a small startup in Chapel Hill.

Rep. Price and impeachement

I just received this announcement from David Price. Did anyone else?

I believe that the House of Representatives must move forward with an impeachment inquiry regarding the conduct of President Donald Trump.

This will build upon the investigations of the President’s grave offenses already underway, giving these inquiries focus and the maximum ability to obtain information in the face of the president’s stonewalling and resistance.

Getting news of Dave Thaden

Once again it sunk in how much I miss the Chapel Hill News and local newspapers. Today, Thursday, I was doing my shopping at Harris Teater on the senior discount day. Almost always I manage to see someone I know and share a bit of news. Today a friend told me Dave Thaden (assistant principal at Chapel Hill High School and principal East Chapel Hill High School) passed away last month. He was a great person, advocate and educator. Even though I follow Facebook, WCHL and the News and Observer I managed to miss seeing his obit. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newsobserver/obituary.aspx?n=david-tha... His memorial service is this Saturday for those who wish to attend.

Memorial service

Saturday, Jun. 8, 2019


11:00 AM

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

227 E Rosemary St

Chapel Hill, NC

reports for local elections

Here is a list of all the reports I submitted with my 2013 run for Town Council.

Forms for Chapel Hill Town Council campaign given to Orange County Board of Elections

  1. Notice of candidacy 7/19/13
  2. Statement of organization 7/17/13
  3. Certification of treasurer
  4. Ten day money report = organizational report 7/29/13
  5. 35 day report 9/30  up to 9/24/13
  6. Pre-election report 10/28 9/25 to 10/21/13
  7. Amended Report with loan info 11/25/13
  8. Post-election (end of year) 1/31/14 for 10/22 to 12/31/13
  9. Mid-term report  7/28/14 for 1/1 to 6/30/14
  10. End-year report 2/14/15 for 7/1 to 12/31/14
  11. Mid-term report  7/16/15  for 1/1 to 6/30/15
  12. End-year report 1/26/16 for 7/1 to 12/31/15
  13. Mid-term report  7/15/16 for 1/1 to 6/30/16
  14. Special pre-election report 10/31/16 for 7/1-10/22/16 (ads for Spanish language media for state and federal elections 2016)
  15. Correction special report 12/22/16
  16. End-year report 1/22/17 for 7/1 to 12/31/17
  17. Mid-term report  7/25/17 for 1/1 to 6/30/17
  18. Closed account report 7/24/17

public hearing today 11/5 light rail.

Assuming the lack of potable water from OWASA doesn't cause any cancelation I hope folks will go to Extraordinary Ventures 5PM for the next public hearing on Orange Durham Light Rail project. (And don't forget to vote tomorrow Nov.6)



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