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What do you think about banning hand-held cell phones while driving?

At the Town Council meeting on January 25, 2010, I petitioned the council to open discussions about prohibiting hand held cell phone usage while driving in Chapel Hill.  I also proposed that the town hold a public forum on this topic where concerned citizens can express their opinions about this issue.  Since the election I have heard from many citizens who feel that it is becoming increasingly dangerous to drive in Chapel Hill because people are not paying attention to the road. The problem is particularly bad on campus.

NRG - Carolina North: Don’t Get Stuck in Traffic

Neighborhoods for Responsible Growth (NRG) will sponsor a public meeting “Carolina North: Don’t Get Stuck in Traffic” on Sunday, May 3 from 4-6 pm at the Homestead Community Center (600 Homestead Road). The event will focus exclusively on traffic and transportation issues for Carolina North and will allow time to learn about the transportation challenges posed by Carolina North, and for plenty of dialogue among neighbors and elected officials.  

Congrats to Ruby and Brian

OK. We need to get a thread going to congratulate Ruby on a job well done.

Bacteria in the water at Morris Grove

Why are more folks not talking about the bacteria in the water at Morris Grove Elementary? OWASA submits to test after test with the water bacteria free, so the bacteria is developing after the water leaves OWASA and is piped through the schools system. I cannot find information anywherethat states what is being done to correct this problem. Am I the only oneoutraged at this? These are our children, some getting sick from drinking tainted water.  Is there a plan in place to correct this?   



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