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Chris Richmond, Executive Director of the ReCYCLEry, and I have launched to publicize the ReCYCLEry and its partners' community programs such as the newly launched Blue Urban Bike program and Carrboro Greenspace.We have tentatively decided to keep the contributors limited, and leave the conversation to more comprehensive forums such as OrangePolitics. Theoretically, we may limit return traffic to the site, but this will leave us more time for real world activism, and keep the site a resource for pure information, media and community links.So we pose these questions: Should we attempt to encourage more online activism by creating a new forum? or Do we still manage to fully engage our objectives by leaving debate and editorial content elsewhere?



Gosh, I don't know the answer to your question, although I kind of like the idea of a purely informational site that would cover the range of issues from the theoretical/political down to how to tighten spokes and get my chain just right.

In New Orleans, there was a similar organization in my neighborhood, and we all had bikes from them, $15 a pop. Most people gave their's back if they moved or got a new bike. The shop was open on a fairly eccentric schedule, but Thursday nights were Ladies/Transgender Night, something like a cocktail party with bikes. Seriously.

Anyway, surely there's nothing to be debated about the concept of a recyclery -- it was the greatest damned thing for that neighborhood, and for several neighborhoods nearby. It got a lot more people on bikes, and as a result drivers learned to drive around bikers.

I'd say that the new site should focus on FAQs, how-tos, tutorials, videos, audio, etc. that will help empower people. Just post a article about bicycle activism here on OP every so often. :)

I second BrianR's comments. Maybe posting to existing forums to spread the word and general information and the ReCYCLEry website for specific/technical information.

I would also be nice to get the word out to more drivers. I bike up and down MLK 3-5 days a week and go on weekly rides in southern Orange County. Most drivers are courteous - it's the one or two per week who are not that scare me.

Thank you for your work at the ReCYCLEry!


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