New-and-improved Carr Mill signs

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New signs are up on the Weaver Street Lawn. (Read the back story.)

The signs are smaller than they were before, and the west end sign is alongside the path rather than all up in the seating area. I believe the language on the signs is now in line with the updated rules the mall management published last year. And it's packaged a bit more nicely than it was on the previous signs, but it's still reminding me that if I'm not buying or attending a management-approved event, I'm not welcome. So all those evenings I loitered around reading on the lawn while I waited for my parents to get off work, I was violating the rules, huh? Not that the Carr Mill Mall management gives a damn what I do; I'm just another babyfaced Carrboro kid who hangs around with her laptop. But man, these signs annoy the heck out of me.It occurred to me as I was taking these pictures that probably no one's going to make much of a fuss about the signs, because they're a little less intrusive than the old ones. They're smaller, they're less rudely placed, and the wording's accurate. It's almost like the mall management did it on purpose, putting up something ridiculous the first time around so we'd all accept the altered version. Okay, I don't actually think they did it on purpose, but I'm sure it's not lost on them now that they played this exactly right.



Maybe the lawn needs some more signs right next to the new ones with some of our rules posted on them.

For another take on the signs, look here

Hee hee. That's awesome. Thanks, Dan.

I wish the Carrboro News had a syndicated feed so I could keep up with it without having to guess whether they've updated this month...

More from The Carrboro News:

The Carr Mill Mall states unequivocably that there is to be no loitering and to the best of our knowledge we did not see the disclaimer "unless you are the Easter Bunny".


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