Carr Mill

Let's have a park-in

If you're not familiar with the recent or past history of Carr Mill Mall management's anti-Carrboro policies, catch up with us at I am so frustrated by the attitude that Carr Mill owes nothing to the community that has made them so successful.

A few days ago ago, Damon and I were looking for a place to park in downtown Carrboro. We had a question and asked Hector (the security guard), he gave us a short answer and a slip of paper with the following printed on it (verbatim):

Carr Mill Mall Security – Protection or Harassment?


Carr Mill Mall Cop and Weaver Street Lawn Policies--What's The Deal?

Hi, I'm new to this site (which I was pleased to discover via google), and I have some questions regarding Carr Mill Mall/Weaver Street Market's policies.

Main Street Bail Out Begins At Home

While I was out (since the last post) this email appeared in my email box. 

We'll All Go Down Together

I just got back from Tucson and dropped by Weaver Street Market today for groceries.  While the bright white arrows directing traffic seem useful, Carr Mill Mall's new approach to territory does not.

As I got out of my car, one of the guards lectured three twenty-something people on where they could and could not go. As they looked somewhat nervous and a little confused, he explained that their parking space belonged to "this building" and they could only go in "this building" and if they crossed the street or crossed the lot, he would be watching them and he would know and he would tow them. No question about it. If they strayed across that parking lot, there was a towing in their future.



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