Early fall open thread

Unfortunately, I missed both the Bolin Creek Festival and FestiFall this weekend as I am out of town visiting the Texan branch of my family. How were they?

I've been wondering how the drought and subsequent soggy summer will affect the leaves changing this year. Any theories?

What else is on your minds?




Orange Co. must have added another festival just for you, Ruby.

First ever Hillsborough Handmade Parade this weekend -"TheWaters of the Eno and Her Creatures". We're attempting a water strider of comparatively moderate size (big for a bug, small for a parade puppet.)


Election season hogs the autumn spotlight more than any in our lifetime.  One great way to enjoy this specatular weather is to get outside and help get out the vote!  Voter registration and early voter greeting oportunities abound. 

From here it looks like the leaves won't change color and drop until well into November, by which time we'll all be celebrating or depressed as hell.  


From here it looks like the leaves won't change color and drop until well into November, by which time we'll all be celebrating or depressed as hell. 

Or both.

Yellow leaves blew past the window of the newspaper again this morning.

At home, the fruit on the dogwood next to our deck is turning red.

There's hardly an acorn left visible in the backyard.

If you haven't been, you should check out this great new tradition (5th annual fall version - there's one every spring also) right in our backyard in Chatham County. Thurs. evening through Sunday evening. Great music. Check out the line-up and location at:




Shameless self-promotion: I'm very interested in your comments on the November elections! I started a little thread.

Is Lawson going to be able to unseat Price?


If his stands are authentic, they are way better than Price's. But how could someone with those stands be a Republican? (Hard enough to be  a Democrat with those positions...)
I'm interested in hearing which Oktoberfest beers folks prefer.
Had one during the Carrboro Music Festival at Southern Rail.  Very good.  From a relatively local brewery (Winston-Salem) to boot.
has a good one.
Who has the biggest leaf pile going?   I have some kids to send over. 

... are prohibited most places I know of, but I miss the incense-like scent.  Does anyone know of places where it's okay to burn your pile of leaves, and where people might actually be doing that?  One of my best memories:

Walking home at dusk in Mass.  Harvest Moon rising and the smell of burning leaves hanging in the air. A single car passed by, windows open, with classical music playing on the radio.  Some neighbors were raking leaves into their fire and tossing horse chestnuts into the coals to see them pop.  


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