ReCYCLEry Moving to a New Home

Everything is confirmed and the final details are being smoothed out for moving the ReCYCLEry from our wonderful Bolin Creek home of the past several years to 103 Padgette Lane, Carrboro. Padgette Lane is the small road that comes off of Main Street in between the recently vacated Performance Bike Shop and the Carrboro Arts Center parking lot.

We will be down at the ReCYCLEry preparing for moving this Saturday, March 21st, from 10am-6pm and would love any offers of assistance. We will not be holding our Sunday Workshop on the 22nd, but will continue preparing for the move.

The move is scheduled to occur next weekend, March 28th and 29th and we will once again welcome any and all volunteers with our extra march madness! We will post more details soon.


We are working hard today, Sunday, March 22nd, getting ready for next weekends move and would love to see you there.  Thanks to those who've helped the past several days!


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