Things for which I am grateful

So I am embarrassed to admit that before the festivities at home begin, here I am on OP writing a little something on Thanksgiving. We have a thread about things we should tax. Today I propose a thread about things we like, things we think are just fine the way they are, things not deserving of a special tax, and people do something nice. So I'll start the ball rolling....

I'm thankful for OP and Ruby, for this site doesn't run itself.

I'm thankful for the many misguided souls who don't agree with me on this site. You're fun.

I'm thankful for Fred Black because he challenged people with grace. I miss Fred. I wish he would post again.

I'm thankful that I live in Chapel Hill and it's next door to Carrboro.

I'm thankful for town officials and employees.

I'm thankful for the deer that graze with abandon in my yard.

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys. 




I'm thankful for my wife of 39 yearsI'm thankful that I still have a job - and enjoy itI'm thankful that I'm still here - and reasonably healthyI'm thankful for my two dogs that run to greet me whenever I come in the door - even if I've been gone only 20 minutesI'm thankful that I learned to look at the bright side of things - even when it isn't always so obvious 

I'm thankful to be getting my strength back after being close to death only a month ago.  I'm thankful for family and friends who stayed close the whole time and continue to nourish me with food and bags full of books.  I'm thankful for all the sensations of autumn -- color, smell, sounds.  I'm thankful for a good laugh like the one I had at my sister's house today.  

I'm very grateful that we are one of the hot spots in the local food movement. Lots of growers & farmers, great farmer's markets, & people who appreciate it. Along that line, I'm also appreciative of the fact that we have more people than in most other regions who understand the vital importance of local self-reliance. The rising call for accelerated commercial development in reaction to these tough economic times will put us to the test. Do we fall for the siren call of big corporate businesses or do we focus on local small businesses which are the sustainable foundation of a thriving local economy?  

I am thankful for UNC and the education I have received there, and for Tarheel basketball.I am thankful for Weaver St. Market and the Farmer's Market and Maple View Farms and CSA boxes and Latta's eggs and all of the other good local food sources, and for my husband Dave who helps me cook and eat it all. I am thankful for the trails at Carolina North and Bolin Creek and for the two dogs who faithfully follow me around as I run.  (They are thankful for the dog parks.) I am thankful for Carrboro Yoga Company and for Franklin Street Yoga.  I can't imagine living with a body and mind that did not practice yoga, and love living in a community with two great studios. I am thankful to live amongst a population that cares enough to debate even the small points, and for OP and Ruby.  Along those lines, I'm thankful for Penny, who trusted me to be a part of her team, and for the education that experience afforded me. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti...peace peace peace.

I'm thankful for the excellent work of Robert Dowling and all of the staff at the Community Home Trust:!

He is dedicated.

Feeling thankful for having a happy and healthy child; for a job which is fun, challenging, engaging, and rewarding; and for a holiday that everyone can do.  I'm grateful for everyone that reads and writes on OrangePolitics - to the extent that OP is successful, it's thanks to you. And obviously fortunate to have found this wonderful Chapel Hill community 36 years ago, and for having the wisdom to only leave once. 

I'm grateful for many things personally, especially the fortunate health and welfare of my sons. I'm also very enthusiastic about my opportunity to meaningfully participate in the county government's efforts to resolve a genuine public policy dilemma which is poorly characterized as tension between the pro-conservation and pro-business interest groups


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