Moses Carey appointed to perdue's cabinet as Sec'y of Admin.

After a year heading up the Employment Security Commission, former Orange County Commission chair Mosey Carey was appointed this week as Secretary of Administration in Governor Perdue's cabinet

Prior to his appointment to the ESC, Moses Carey worked for NCCU Department of Health Education under contract for the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund. He worked in local and state departments of health in Florida and served as executive director of Piedmont Health Services, Inc. in North Carolina for 18 years. Carey is a native of Tampa and currently lives in Chapel Hill. He earned his B.S. in Health and Physical Education at Fort Valley State College and a Masters in Public Health Administration at the University of North Carolina’s School of Public Health. He holds a law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law.

 Carey joins company with other former Orange County elected officials who have served in the cabinet -- former Chapel Hill Mayors Howard Lee and Jonathan Howes served under former Governor Jim Hunt. I'm sure Mark Chilton can give us a bigger list.  :)



Do you think he has changed his plans about the N.C. Senate since 2008?

Filed to close his campaign on 9/22/09here's the link   


Interesting his bio sketch from the Governor's press office does not mention the local government years!

He was progressive on civil rights issues, but a corporate, true-blue Democrat on just about everything else.


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