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Zazzle modelOK, political nerds and peanut gallery, it's time for our annual election contest. You have one week to tell us who you think will win the 2011 elections (not who you want to win). 

The survey will close the same time as the real polls - 7:30pm on November 8th. The winner gets a free OP t-shirt or hat in the size and color of your choosing (by way of a gift certificate to the online OP store).

Finishing order may be used in the event of a tie. Candidates are listed in randomized order. You may only take the survey once. Winning pundits will be announced after election results are finalized by the Board of Elections.

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If you submitted an entry this morning, please do it again. Thanks for your patience.


We have 14 submissions in the survey so far, and they seem to reflect a wide range of opinions. Keep 'em coming!


We've got 28 responses so far, and I'll give you a glimpse: 67.9% (19 people) think the sales and use tax referendum will pass, and two people think that Tim Sookram will be Chapel Hill's next mayor.Are they right? Take the survey if you think you know.

We now have 39 responses, and you have 22 hours left to play before the polls close!  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9ZRRRGJ

will I be sporting a new T-shirt soon?


sported the shirt a couple of years ago... 

Thanks for the reminder, Mark! I was starting to get lost in my nerdy spreadsheets of results by precinct and almost forgot to do this. The results will be posted at http://orangepolitics.org/2011/11/what-the-pundits-think shortly.


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