Just got a personal visit from Kevin Wolff

Just a head's up that Mr. Wolff is now canvasing in Southern Village.  He gave me a flyer that says "You must VOTE and voice your opposition NOW!" to keep our children and citizens safe. 

I thanked him for running, but decided not to interrupt working to have a political discussion.  The flyer is interesting as it takes potshots at the current council and mayor.  

He promises to "personally reduce the number of homeless people and the amount of pan handling throughout the city".  How is he going to do that?  Give them money out of his own pocket?  Personally provide job training in his home?

He talks about "my Smart Growth" process that will "Not force our desires into failed objectives that cannot be sustained by the present and future economy", insinuating that the current council doesn't listen to developers.

Interesting that he's not running for council...




I don't think he'll ever run for Council - there is some (tiny) danger that he could actually get elected and have to do some work! Amazing how much time he spends on certain activities, like talking to you and putting up yard signs for example, but would hardly talk to the press or attend a forum this fall. I enjoy driving by his signs and spotting which ones have "MAYOR" pasted over "COMMISSIONER" from previous years.

...to look down on someone running for office with an AOL email address?


I am sorry that he thinks Southern Village will be responsive to him. I certainly hope that he is wrong.

I hope not as well.  The problem with running a NIMBY campaign is it only works in that neighborhood.  If Wolff believes my neighbors are self-centered NIMBY types, then they would be perfectly happy putting the shelter on the other side of town.If, on the other hand, they are the sort to carefully consider the options and pick the best one at the time all things considered, then they'd be more likely to support the new shelter location.Either way, he can't make traction in Southern Village.   

When does Mr. Wolff plan to pick up his campaign signs?

Duncan,I'm not sure Kevin Wolff has ever picked up any of his signs from his campaigns.  Perhaps that is his way of "penalizing" all those voters who have ignored him every single time he runs.

It was a bizarre conversation -- he was talking about whether there was much impact from greeting voters at the polls.  Like somehow he had a chance of winning if only he did the right things that day.

I was making a final sweep today looking for any signs I or any of the other candidates participating in the joint cleanup effort might have missed (Kevin Wolff is not among the participating). I saw quite a few of Wolff's signs showing through the bright orange plastic bags of a roadside cleanup crew working on South Estes. It seems they're getting picked up one way or another.


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