TTA Board to vote today on Orange Transit referendum

Triangle Transit's board will be voting this afternoon to approve the Orange County transit tax referendum. This is one of the legal requirements.  Agenda indicates 2:30 pm is the time for this part of the agenda,_2012.pdf

1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Board Room, 4600 Emperor Blvd., Suite 100 Durham, NC




The TTA board of trustees Wednesday approved the Orange County transit referendum clearing that final legal hurdle.

Since an area around Mebane is in the Burlington-Alamance Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) region they also had to approve the transit plan, and they did so Tuesday August 21. Ready. Set. Vote.

Does anyone have a status update on the voter education that the county was supposed to be doing? Election Day will be here before we all know it! 


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