803 absentee ballot applications already (and a how to)

Orange County already has received 803 absentee ballot applications (processing started just a week ago on September 7) including 200 received from addresses outside the US. Seems to me quite a large number for so early in the "season"

For those who like stats, here's a breakdown of the three types: civilian within the US, military anywhere, civilians outside the US (overseas). I broke out the party breakdown of overseas voters as they are interestingly even more heavily Democratic than the general pool. Overseas voters can be college students abroad, those on personal or business travel, expatriates whose last US residence was in Orange County, and even US citizens by birth who have never even been in the US (children of American born parents where the last residence of the parent was in Orange County)



(all registered voters)      50.54%       0.37%      17.3%      31.79% 


  If you are an Orange County registered voter want to vote by mail in Orange County, here's a "how to":

General Information

  • There are 2 ways to request to receive absentee ballots by mail:
  • In writing and mailed to:

                                           Orange County Board of Elections

                                           P.O. Box 220

   Hillsborough, NC 27278

  • In person at the Board of Elections office located at:

                                 208 S. Cameron St, Hillsborough NC 27278.

  • Requests may be submitted anytime during the calendar year of an election.
  • Deadline to request is one week (7 days) prior to each election.
  • Voter must submit a separate request for each election.

Information that should be provided in request:

  • Voter’s name as registered and date of birth;
  • Voter's Orange County address and address where the ballot is to be mailed - if different from the Orange County address.
  • Voter’s email address and/or telephone number (within the states).
  • Voter's (or near-relative's) signature.
  • If the request is being submitted by a near-relative on the voter's behalf, the near-relative must state his/her name, address and relationship to the voter.
  • Any registered Orange County voter. A near relative may request on the voter's behalf.
  • A near relative, as defined by law, is a spouse, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, stepparent, stepchild, or verifiable legal guardian.




I witnessed my sister's last night at dinner, so it is ready to send back.  I'm pretty sure she voted the right way (I had to help her with the judges -- thanks Sally Greene for having all the right signs in her yard already so I knew which ones). -James

926 absentee ballot applications in -683 US civilians29 military (19 delivered by email)214 civilian overseas (176 delivered by email)Random stats:overseas voters are from 57 different countires, tops UK 32, Canada 31, France 25, Germany 13==========top precinctsPatterson 58Weaver Dairy and Ridgefield 49 eachHogan Farms 34Colonial Hgts 30

Courtesy of Civitas (which has a great election website regardless of what you think about them) tracks voted absentee ballots (and after October 18 the same site will track early votes)http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/gen2012/county/orange/as of 9/19 it shows 37 ballots already voted in Orange County (out of 952 that have been sent out). You can click on the sublinks to see all sorts of data points. They usually update aroubd noon covering action the prior business day

Also, I always prefer the full name of the organization being given, the John W. Pope Civitas Institute.

Orange County has sent out 1299 absentee ballots already, with 131 returned as voted. Orange County mailed out 142 ballots yesterday alone.1299 are civilian mailed to 50 states/DC33 military (22 being sent out by email)253 overseas (222 sent out via email)stats on already voted ballots in Orangehttp://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/gen2012/county/orange/


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