Early voting updates

Wanted to start a space where everyone could report their voting experiences. I was voter #19 at Rams Head this afternoon (10/18, first day of early voting) at about 12:08, and while it wasn't crazy busy, there was a steady flow of voters. The woman who voted after me asked me to take her picture as she filed her ballot because it was her first time voting — thought that was very cool. 



When we were taking pictures voting for ourselves (Lee, Donna, Jason and I all showed up at 9am 1st day of early voting last year), we were admonished that we needed to make sure the ballot wasn't visible in the photos.  I did have to smudge one of them before posting.

Per twitter reports, more than 600 already at Carrboro, more than 200 at Rams Head (fall break has depressed turnout), and more than 300 at the senior center. More than 1,000 less than three hours into the first day of early voting.

Day 1 turnout for '08 early voting in Orange was 2,925 but I do not think the campus site was open that Thursday (was Fall Break then also)

daily totals should be at http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOnestopTotals.pdfin the primary they were posted around 9 am covering the previous day

I was voter 253 on campus in the afternoon.  Didn't really have to wait, but there were plenty of people around at each area of the voting room.  I'm really hoping Sam Ervin wins for NC Supreme Court.  So much is riding on that one.

I was voter 392 at Ram's Head a little after 5pm. I stuck around for a while to hand out literature on the transit referendum, but it was pretty quiet. Campaign greeters vastly outnumbered the potential voters walking by at any given time. I heard the numbers from the other two Southern Orange sites were quite good; Carrboro Town Hall was starting to have people arrive before they opened. I also visited the Board of Elections in Hillsborough maybe half an hour after they opened, which was the only location where I encountered a Republican greeter (though I didn't go to Cedar Grove today). The BOE had a line too, but not an overwhelming one.

I fear that we are going to need good on campus turnout.  If the GOP takes over the Governor's Mansion, then that means they also control all 100 county board of elections across the state and the state board of elections too.  That's going to make the burden of proving on campus voting justifiable all the more necessary.


There was a repub greeter at the Seymour Center but he really didn't have anyone to greet so he was just hanging out with the D's at their table which had 4 greeters. It was nice to see the voting site so busy yesterday. I hope the excitement continues today. 

first day of '08 was 2925. There were 3784 yesterday, party breakoutD 2592R   372U    808L     12 do not have breakdown by site. got these #s from State Board file

http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/gen2012/county/orange/details on the 3,784 early and 1,68 mail in voters

http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdfBOE 1044Carrboro 1118Mt Zion 235Rams Head 462*Seymour 1005TOTAL 3864* this site will not really pick up until Monday. Fall break is Thurs-Fri

3,375 early voters Friday, cumulative 7,239 for two days. Top site Carrboro 2,120http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdf

2,643 early votes Saturday, cumulative 9,882Carrboro leads the pack at 3,016 (with 896 Saturday) but Ram's Head should takeoff Monday http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdf

Total early votes Monday 3,335, cumulative total now 13,217. Activity picked up at Rams on campus which had 775 voters Monday. Seymour lead Monday's pack at 839http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdf

3,193 early votes Tues, total now 16,410 Tops Tuesday and overall was Carrboro with 807/4,623. Rams Head was big Monday and Tuesday with 775 and 744.http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdf

http://www.carolinatransparency.com/votetracker/gen2012/county/orange/ has tons of stats on early and mail-in voting in Orange County.  The site is updated each day around noon (but they do not always update on Saturdays and Sundays) The basic stats combine early (16,035) and mail-in (1,404), and note that about 400 votes from yesterday do not show up yet as the state started its file run while county boards were still finishing final data verification. Party aff:D 63.1%U 24.0%R 12.5%L 0.3%

2,772 early votes Saturday, total now 28,524. Carrboro led Friday with 864 and Saturday with 922  thru FRIDAY top precincts in in-person early vote:Patterson 1,393Cheeks 1,092Mason Farm 997St. John 910Hogan Farms 8683,446 early votes Friday 2942 early votes Thursday, total now 22,306 Seymour led the pack 2954 early votes Wednesday, total now 19,364. Seymour led the pack. RamsHead was second for the first time.http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdf

Since fall break, Rams Head has been tracking BOE almost exactly and has consistently been about 50 votes less than Seymour.  I wonder if this pattern will continue next week.  No voting at Rams Head today because of the game, but it will be open next Saturday, 9-3.Linda Convissor

Orange had 5124 voters Fri, 5165 Saturday, final total 50,243, down 3.2% from '08s 51,954Rams led Friday, Carrboro SaturdayFinal site totals in order:Carrboro 13,357Seymour 12,805BoE   12,250Rams 9,488Mt Zion 2,343http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/documents/2012NovOne-stopTotals.pdftop precincts so far thru Saturday subject to final adjustment MondayPatterson 2,461Cheeks 2,175Mason Farm 1,785 (mostly South Campus student dorms and student apartments)Hogan Farms 1,774St. John 1,591


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