The Great Chapel Hill/Carrboro Flood of 2013

Um, wow! Reports? 

(Borrowing the name from Jason Baker's comment.)  



It looks like Bolin Creek may have crested the bridge across Village Drive. The power was out at Elliot and Franklin including the Whole Foods, but the street light came back on. More importantly a tree is blocking Clayton Road which is the only way to get from Estes Drive to the Lakeshore/Elliot Road neighborhood. Lots of driving the long way round.Many many more reports on social media, of course. is a good place to watch.

Sadly, another tree has fallen on Franklin Street and is currently blocking East Franklin just past Raleigh St/Hillsborough St. Traffic lights are also out on this part of Franklin St, as well as at the Rosemary/Hillsborough intersection. Here is a picture of it. Crews are already on the scene working to clear it.

Seawell School Road was impassable between the tracks and the schools a couple of hours ago - not sure if it's drained enough to allow people to get through.  For the past couple of hours, the RR crossing signal at Homestead Road has been half closed but passable - just use caution.

INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE FROM ALERT CAROLINA: Flooding on campusTorrential rainfall in the area has caused flooding in several spots on campus, including the Pit and the basement of Granville Towers. There is also standing water and flooding in Ram Village, several residence halls (including Kenan, McIver, Stacy and Mangum) and other areas on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood.Individuals should avoid walking or playing in flooded areas or through moving water. Use a stick to check the firmness of the ground before walking.Do not drive vehicles through any flooded areas.  If roadway is blocked, seek an alternate route. Avoid driving if possible.Move any belongings to higher ground if they are in danger of getting wet. Report all flooding on campus to Facilities Services Customer Service at 962-3456. This will assure proper drying and prevent the risk of health problems.Students living off-campus who have been displaced because of flooding should contact the Department of Public Safety at (919) 962-8100 or 911 for help.A flash flood warning remains in effect for Orange County until 9 p.m. Please continue to use caution until the danger of flooding has passed.About Informational Messages: The University sends an Informational Message to inform the campus community about a situation that is not an emergency, but is expected to be of significant interest to the campus. Sponsored by the UNC Department of Public Safety

Flooding in Briarcliff worst of our 46 years here, even more than hurricane Fran. Neighbor home flooded on lower level.

According to Mayor Kleinschmidt the first floor - bottom level of Town Hall flooded. 

Today I was at the Community Center Park. The play equipment was fine. The rose garden and compost demo plot had been under water. Lots of sediment and standing water. A tree had fallen over the front  entrance of the Bolin Creek Greenway. The creek was still flowing over part of the path but it looked like the Concrete was holding up to the flow of water. Some nearby streets looked like they had damage to them. In my neighborhood (Kings Mill/Morgan Creek) several trees fell and low spots flooded. We did not lose electricity. There was basement flooding for some residents who have basements. Parts of the official and unofficial trails along Morgan Creek were flooded yesterday. Today most of the stores at Eastgate had Sandbags or plastic barriers at their doors. I am not sure how much water got into the stores. Our carport flooded and I shovelled off the sediment. It will be interesting to see what the coming rains do.Loren

At least a dozen homes in Carrboro's Rocky Brook neighborhood have been condemned due to flooding. Several residents are receiving assistance in the Red Cross emergency shelter at Smith Middle School. If you would like to help, the Red Cross is accepting donations in the Smith Middle School cafeteria. For more information, contact the Orange County Emergency Management coordinator, Darshan Patel, by calling 919-245-6111.


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