Flash flood displaced person’s community Potluck fundraiser

An outdoors gathering  in our chill out garden space.

The coming Saturday Weavers Community Housing Association invites you to an informal chill out community POTLUCK fundraiser. In support of raising funds to support local communities affected by recent flash floods and displacement. Money will support financial assistance for local communities in achieving secured housing.  

Feel free to bring a dish, some drinks (alcohol & non alcohol welcome) recyclable cups or plates, snacks- games, fruit, poetry, musical instruments, games, hula hoops. Sit back and chill and meet fellow coopers, community members or join in some music, poetry, what ever you want to do. You do not necessary have to bring a dish for this, but certainly donations of money welcome either way, as we want to raise money here! Spicy vegan Daal will be available plus more. 

As we are limited to indoor space- We will gather outside (Weather permitting) At 6pm to whenever…

There will be a Butterfly donation box made by our very own Grannie for Justice.

Weather permitting—we may make a fire as it gets dark- or head to a local bar..

Cedar encourages visitors of any age, background, abilities, sexuality, or political affiliation, we only ask that you respect the grounds, do not carry weapons of mass or minor destruction and participate or listen in peaceful and respectful dialogue- and with respect for the environment, gardens,neighbors, animals, flowers and plants around us. Compost, recycle and gain karma points in your next life! And no drugs please.But we love  big cuddly hugs. 

Car spaces are limited, therefore we urge you to park elsewhere and walk, or cycle or hopscotch.. to our place. We are 5 minutes walk from Harris Teeter..car park. 

Peace & love  

Cedar Rock community and 

Weavers Community Housing Association 


Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 6:00pm


Cedar Rock Apartments- @-703-705 N Greensboro St. Carrboro

The Great Chapel Hill/Carrboro Flood of 2013

Um, wow! Reports? 

(Borrowing the name from Jason Baker's comment.)  


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