Stolen Signs

Some jerk or jerks has been stealing signs in Carrboro.All of those running are effected.I have told the police and plan to file a formal complaint.Anyone know who is doing this?



there is a specific law against stealing or defacing campaign signs,All canidates who have signs stolen should report it.Who else is this happening to? 

were stolen a few weeks ago.  A citizen called and told us he saw a guy throwing them into the back of a car with a Louisiana license plate.  We found one (thanks to Penny Rich's sharp eye) over in Durham by the Home Depot where someone had pasted an ad for "We Pay Cash For Cars" over one side of it (they didn't bother covering up the other side).  When I called the number on the ad the fellow who answered disadvowed all knowledge of the thefts.

Let's get these fools.Keep your eyes out for carrboro and ch signs when you are out of town 

As many of you know, the unauthorized repurposing or vandalism is a long-standing problem.'s hard to understand how anyone who graduated from high school with even the most basic grasp of civics wouldn't realize how stupid and undemocratic this is. 

I've noticed a few of my signs missing and at a couple of corners drivers have intentionally run over signs while turning. Off of Estes I tried to put back up George and my signs but the wire frames were badly bent. Loren

that happened at Estes and Greensboro too! 


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