Elections 2006

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With many decisions having been made in the May primary, the two interesting and competitive questions before Orange County voters are Superior Court Judge and the district representation referendum. You can find thse in the "nonpartisan" section of the ballot.


The candidates:

All races are pick 1 unless otherwise indicated. Races are shown in the order listed on the ballot.

Partisan races
(may be marked straight ticket):


Nonpartisan races

Party affiliation provided for informational purposes:


Orange County primary results, 5/2/06

County Commissioner (3 seats available)

Candidate Votes Percent

Barry Jacobs 6446 25.40%

Alice Gordon 6314 24.88%

Mike Nelson 5100 20.09%
Fred Battle 3934 15.50%
Betty Tom Phelps Davidson 1748 6.89%
Robin Cutson 1189 4.68%
Artie L. Franklin 651 2.56%

Superior Court Judge District 15B (2 seats available, 4 primary winners)

Candidate Votes (Orange/Chatham) Percent

Carl R. Fox 11345 (7066/4279) 36.64%

Adam Stein 6505 (4817/1688) 21.01%

Chuck Anderson 5145 (2863/2282) 16.62%

Allen Baddour 4736 (2577/2159) 15.30%
Michael W. Patrick 2031 (1300/732) 6.56%
Kenneth B. Oettinger 1197 (784/413) 3.87%

Orange County School Board (4 seats available)

Candidate Votes Percent

Susan Hallman 2819 22.94%

Debbie Piscitelli 2496 20.31%

Ted Triebel 2467 20.07%

Anne Medenblik 2378 19.35%
Tony McKnight 2035 16.56%

These pages will continue to be updated until the election is decided. Last update: 11/6/06


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