Elections 2007

Important dates and data:

  • One-stop voting, October 18 - 1 pm November 3rd
  • Election, November 6th , 6:30 am - 7:30 pm
More at http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/2007elect.asp

Unlike the rest of OrangePolitics, the information provided on this section of the site is NON-PARTISAN. For opinions and current news, see our blog discussions at http://orangepolitics.org/issue/elections/2007, especially the personal endorsements of OP readers. If your questions are not answered here, please visit the Board of Elections for Orange County or the State of North Carolina.

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Precinct maps by Damon Seils.


Chapel Hill


(All races are nonpartisan, at-large elections. i = incumbent) Campaign finance data is from http://www.co.orange.nc.us/elect/campfin.asp

  • Chapel Hill Mayor (1 seat)
    Kevin Foy (i) http://mayorfoy.org
    Kevin Wolff http://hometown.aol.com/kwolffmayor

  • Chapel Hill Town Council (4 of 8 seats)
    Matt Czajkowski http://mattcfortownc.org
    Sally Greene (i) http://sallygreene.org
    Cam Hill (i) http://camhillforcouncil.org
    David Charles Nash withdrew
    Will Raymond http://campaign.willraymond.org
    Penny Rich http://pennysforchange.com
    Bill Strom (i) http://stromforcouncil.com
    Jim Ward (i)

  • Carrboro Mayor (1 seat)
    Mark Chilton (i) http://markchilton.org
    Chuck Morton http://chuckmorton.org
    Brian Voyce http://yourvoyce.org

  • Carrboro Board of Aldermen (3 of 6 seats)
    Frank Abernethy
    Joal Hall Broun (i)
    Dan Coleman (i) http://alderdan.com
    Sharon Cook http://cookforcarrboro.org
    Lydia Lavelle http://lydialavelle.com
    Katrina Ryan http://katrinaryan.com

  • Hillsborough Mayor (1 seat)
    Tom Stevens (i) http://tomstevensformayor.com

  • Hillsborough Town Commissioners (3 of 5 seats)
    Eric Hallman (i)
    Evelyn Lloyd (i)
    Brian Lowen (i)
    Bryant Kelly Warren Jr.

  • Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education (4 of 7 seats)
    Jamezetta Bedford (i) http://jamezetta.org
    ia Day Burroughs http://miaburroughs.com
    Michael Kelley (i) http://kelley4schoolboard.blogspot.com
    Mehar Safvi withdrew
    Anetta Streater (i) http://streaterforschoolboard.org
    Gary Wallach http://garywallachschoolboard.blogspot.com

Guides & resources

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Campaign events


These are the current office holders whose terms are expiring this year.

As always, this page will be updated and added to until these races are decided. Definitive information is available from the Orange County Board of Elections. Last updated 11/02/07 by Ruby Sinreich. Thanks to James Barrett and Andrea Rohrbacher for research assistance, and to Damon Seils and Robert Peterson for map making.


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