OP Happy Hour (no longer tentative)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - 1:30pm


506 Oak Avenue, Carrboro

Sorry for the short notice, but I don't want to postpone again. It's going to be way too hot to be outside, so my original plan to go to WSM or OSCSC are out of the question. How about F*use or Skylight Exchange (no booze)?

I thought about hosting at it my house so you can all try to get here from Carrboro with that big, ugly fence in the way, but I thought better of it...


FUSE! WE need Booze for a happy hour. Or Glasshalffull adn OCSC has an indoor area or tylers or speakeasy
Breathing is fundamental. I can't deal with OCSC indoors or the Speakeasy, but I'd be willing to go to Tyler's if we could get that little nook with the sofas...

Oh you should have had it at your house.

We could have built two nine foot tall ladders/stairs  and had an act of civil disobedience and public art too. 

Maria's got the right idea, but I can't do ladders.  My house is great for gatherings of all sizes, newly renovated, with semi-convenient parking including the part where everybody ignores the No Parking signs right in front.  We never get busted.  We're the Grimballs and I'm the Volunteer of the Year! 

Y'all talk among yourselves and consider this invitation.  Otherwise F*use would be okay.   


You're on! Thanks so much for the generous offer to host us. I presume we should all BYOB.
My house is at 506 Oak Avenue in downtown Carrboro.  The purple house with the yellow door.  Oak Ave connects Weaver Street and North Greensboro.  We're on the North Greensboro end. 

We almost bought that house when it was still two apartments. I was game, but the husband thought it might bankrupt us. I've been dying to see what y'all ended up doing with it.

The daughter has a pool date at 4:30 but if no one minds the drowned-rat-look we may swing by. 

Tell me the date and start time please.  It's not on my calendar.  Any date and start time are fine with me.  Just need to know, ya know?  Looking forward! 

Okay, I should have looked at the OP Events Calendar.  I see it's the 23rd, which is great.  Who needs time to get ready?  I'm guessing the start time is around 6, but the door is open earlier than that.  I have plastic cups and lots of glasses.  Also a pretty good inventory of nibbles.  No live music because Berkeley is out of town.  BYOB.  

Parking really is okay in front, and even more okay around the corner a few houses away.  I'll put my car at the bottom of the driveway to accomodate a few more.   


We're hoping to run a compact 5:30 to 7:30 as some folks need to get home to their kids and other lives. No dress code, some come on by, Maria!

(If you look at the top of this page you 'll see that this thread of comments we're having is attched to an event, not a blog entry. The time & stuff is in there, but hard to read.)

I'm going to knock off work soon and go by The Weave for some beverages and snacks. See you at Catherine's!
My phone number is 967-3795.  - Cat

I wanted to thank Catherine for hosting the happy hour in her home. It was quite relaxing and amiable. Thanks!

Nothing is easier than opening the door.  Glad to do it.  We got to know each other better and had a fine time.  I look forward to the Autumn OP gathering.  This place is always available.  - Catherine
These meetups are never quite what I expect them to be but I've always enjoyed them.  Thanks for opening your home to share with us last night Catherine.

Thanks so much everybody! It was my first OP Happy Hour, and I am already looking forward to more! Thanks for calling into the show, Ruby! 


“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained.” Helen Keller

Thanks Catherine! It was very comfortable and quite wonderful to meet like minded folks at your place. Nice to see everyone.
Thanks for hosting, Catherine! It was fun to see folks, even though I only got to stay for about ten seconds. Looking forward to the next one.

That was me.  I forgot to log in.  Sorry.


We had a fun discussion about "chickens" and whether Chapel Hill should have a master plan in place for the next big thing.

Many thanks to Catherine for her generosity of spirit and home.


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