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This area has been known for decades for its thriving creative music scene. Many people travel from around the region – and sometimes around the world – to attend shows at the Cat's Cradle and other venues in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Less famous, but also doing us proud, are visual artists, dancers, actors, and filmmakers around the Triangle. In fact, Chapel Hill was home to the first Flicker festival, which now takes place in ten cities around the world!

Wal-Mart is coming!

Just kidding, it's actually the movie "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price" playing all over the Triangle this weekend. Lot's more great info on this from the Facing South (the wonderful blog of the Institute for Southern Studies, which you all should read).

In Chapel Hill, it will be shown at the Community Church on Sunday 11/13 at 1pm and Thursday 11/17 at 7:15 pm. Here's a complete list of Triangle screenings.

Movie time

One of the most amusing treats of the election season is the News & Observer annual candidate guide, which asks the important question: What's your favorite movie?

Here are each candidate's selections:

Chapel Hill Mayor
· Kevin Foy: none listed
· Kevin Wolff: didn't respond

Chapel Hill Town Council
· Bill Thorpe: Ray
· Ed Harrison: none listed
· Jason Baker: American: Beauty
· Laurin Easthom: The English Patient
· Mark Kleinschmidt: Brazil, Lord of the Rings, All About Eve
· Robin Cutson: Dancer in the Dark starring Bjork
· Will Raymond: Lilies of the Field

Carrboro Mayor
· Alex Zaffron: Schindler's List
· Mark Chilton: Matewan

Busy weekend

I hope you have a very good reason if you are not going to the big peace demostration in our nation's capital tomorrow. Then again, if you're energetic you could do all of these things and still ride the bus to DC and back on Saturday...

On Friday night and Sunday morning, Zen Master/Peace Activist Kaz Tanahashi will be at the Chapel Hill Zen Center.

Say 'hey' to Steph

Over at dent (the Indy's new politics blog) Kirk Ross reports that the Stephanie Miller Show is broadcasting live from the ArtsCenter in Carrboro this morning. You can hear it on WCHL from 9 am to noon, or drop by and say 'hey' in person.

Relief not war

As part of the Bring Them Home Now Tour, which is cris-crossing the country on the way to the huge September 24 march for peace in Washington, DC, there will be a show at the ArtsCenter on Friday:

Relief Not War Fundraiser with Medea Benjamin, “The Lids”, and Cakalak Thunder Drum corps.
Friday, September 16, 8:00 pm, Carrboro Arts Center

The NC Peace & Justice Coalition is Holding a “Relief Not War” Fundraiser, on Friday September 16 at 8:00 pm. The event features performers, speakers, and musicians. Headlined by Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of Code Pink, performers include spoken word phenomenon Dasan Ahanu, Carrboro cover band “The Lids”, Greensboro's “Cakalak Thunder Drum Corps”, and Emerson Waldorf Middle School's Flag Corps and Fire Twirlers. We will show excerpts from the Empowerment Project's newly released film, “Soldiers Speak Out”, show in Fayetteville during the March 19 demonstration.



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