What's up, BUB?

So has anyone used the new Blue Urban Bikes yet?

For a $10 annual membership fee, riders can rent one and roll out for up to 24 hours.

"For people used to driving everywhere, this is an easy, cheap introduction to public transportation," said Chris Richmond of the ReCYCLEry, an amateur mechanics collective that will maintain the fleet.

The ReCYCLEry runs the bike-loan project with the Carrboro-based environmental group SURGE, which stands for Students United for a Responsible Global Environment.

Similar initiatives have cropped up in other college towns such as Davidson -- home of Davidson College -- Austin, Texas, and near Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.
- chapelhillnews.com | Cup of java and a bike to go, please

Stein Volunteer Mixes Campaign Signs and Highway Beautification

As printed in the Chapel Hill Herald on October 7th, 2006:

I never knew how much trash local residents throw out on the road until I spent last Sunday putting up yard signs with Chatham County resident Staples Hughes.

Hughes, who spends his weekdays advocating for low-income accused criminals in the North Carolina Office of the Appellate Defender, has spent many weekends over the past 15 years putting up signs for candidates he knows or respects along the roads of Chatham County.

The lucky beneficiary of Hughes' handiwork for this election cycle is Superior Court candidate Adam Stein. And there is no doubt that Stein is lucky -- Hughes has this banal but necessary part of local election campaigns down to an art form.

He knows most every intersection in Chatham County and how many signs should go at each of them. He knows that you should ideally put seven staples each on the left and right sides of the folded sign to hold it together.

Shearon Harris blows up on Tuesday

There have been many interesting topics I haven't had time to blog about lately. One of them was the Chapel Hill Town Council signing on to the growing regional movement to ensure that Shearon Harris (the nuclear plant just a few miles from Orange County) is operated in safe manner that does not threaten the health of its neighbors and the state of North Carolina.

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen and the Orange County Board of Commissioners will be considering the same issue Tuesday. Here's some info from mega-activist Pete MacDowell:

The Carrboro Bd. of Aldermen: 7:30 at Carrboro Town Hall

County Commissioners: 7:00 in Gordon Battle Courtroom, 106 East Margaret Lane, Hillsborough.

Dear Orange County Members and Friends of NC WARN,

Keeping Carrboro Green

The News&Observer has a story today about the Carrboro Greenspace effort.

A group is trying to raise the down payment on $1.4 million it needs to save a green hillside near downtown from buildings, cars and pollution.

The Carrboro Greenspace Collective is trying to preserve about 10.5 acres off of Old Pittsboro Road, where the "Old Sparrow Pool," a community swimming spot, used to be....

The collective is giving tours of the property at 2 p.m. Sundays. Meet at 116 Old Pittsboro Road.

The community garden group works in the garden at the corner of Daffodil Lane and Old Pittsboro Road at 10:30 a.m. Saturdays.
- N&O: Group aims to buy plot, keep it green, 9/27/06

For more information, call Sammy Slade at 225-3433 or send e-mail to carrborogreenways@riseup.net.

Happy Car Free Day

What are you doing to observe it?

Personally, I already work from home (no commute) and although I often run errands by foot or bike, I need some stuff from Earth Fare (WSM is out of my cat food again) so I will try to take to bus down there.

In addition to Chapel Hill Transit which is free every day, all of the buses in the Triangle will be fare-free today, so it's a great time to try out some regional routes.

The new Town Manager of Chapel Hill will be taking the bus to work. How about you?



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