Earth Day summit on carbon reduction

Guest Post by Dennis Markatos-Soriano

You are all invited to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro CRed Summit!

11:30am-2:30pm, Earth Day Saturday, April 22, 2006
Carrboro Century Center

A gathering to develop our commitment to local CRed (Carbon Reduction) climate stewardship from the written page to coordinated action that can achieve results.

We have commitments to participate from both local Mayors, members of the Chapel Hill Town Council, Carrboro Board of Aldermen, Orange County Commissioners, our State Senator Ellie Kinnaird, State Representative Verla Insko, students and faculty at the University, leaders of OWASA, and representatives of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce.

Key stakeholders that we aim to bring together include:

-Elected officials and staff in the Towns, County, state, and federal level
-Staff and officials at the University
-Members of the business community
-Students who can contribute to the process (from the University and local K-12 system)
-Local citizens who want to help our community achieve the CRed goals

Sierra Club endorses county commission candidates

I know you're all waiting on the edge of your seats for this shocker:

For Orange County commissioner, the chapter endorsed candidates Mike Nelson and incumbents Alice Gordon and Barry Jacobs. It also expressed support "short of an endorsement" for Fred Battle.
- newsobserver.com | Chapter picks its faves

Bike me, please

Just yesterday, while planning a trip to the other side of downtown, I was wondering when the heck are we going to get some community bikes that I can jump on, ride across town, and leave for the next person to use?

This morning I got the answer: May. SURGE and the ReCyclery are planning to introduce a community bike program during national Bike to Work Week, May 15-19.

John Herrera proposed a program like this during his re-election campign in Carrboro last fall. But I haven't heard anything since...

What Can the Triangle Do About the Coming Oil Peak?

As Triangle gasoline prices again top $2.50/gallon, NC Powerdown and the Duke Greening Initiative will sponsor the Triangle Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions on Saturday, March 25th, from 1 to 6 PM at Duke University's Love Auditorium.

Peak Oil is the time period in which the maximum production of oil (in millions of barrels per day) ever extracted from the earth occurs. Peak Oil may last for weeks, months, or even a few years. We are unlikely to know we have experienced Peak Oil until we are passed the peak. After the earth passes peak production, the gap between demand and supply will inexorably drive the price of petroleum-based products higher and higher. With 95% of America's transportation energy coming from oil products and much of our food being grown with petroleum-based fertilizers, the peaking of world oil supply has dramatic implications for the nation and the sprawling, mostly auto-dependent Triangle region.

First County Commissioner candidates forum Wednesday!

The Sierra Club is kicking off this spring's County Commissioner forum season on Wednesday night from 7-8:30 at Carrboro Town Hall. You can also tune in and watch it on channel 18. We'll try to get it reshown throughout the campaign on the People's Channel as well.

Each candidate will have a two minute introduction and conclusion and there will be about 20 minutes for audience questions (in addition to 40 minutes of prewritten questions submitted by Executive and Political Committee members.) If you'd like to submit one you can do it right here and I'll put it in the stack (they should be strictly focused on environmental issues.)

The forum along with candidate interviews and their prior record on environmental issues will be used to evaluate the candidates for the Sierra Club endorsement, which will be announced in early April.

Hope to see a lot of you out there on Wednesday night!



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