Trouble at OWASA

More help wanted... Carrboro will be looking for a new representative to the OWASA (Orange Water & Sewer Authority) board, after a member resigned citing internal political motives on the board. This key institution has a huge impact on our local environment, and it is governed by representatives of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County.

John Smith, a member of the board for more than five years, also warned the Carrboro aldermen in his resignation letter to be more vigilant about the decisions and deliberations of the utility's board.

"In my opinion, the Board has become increasingly political," Smith wrote in his letter, dated Oct. 28. "At times, decisions appear to be made more on a basis of personality and personal alliances than from thoughtful, informed consideration." - Chapel Hill Herald, 11/12/04

Shake Election Blues at NC WARN Bash

NC WARN will hold it's Fourth Annual Auction and Dance Party Saturday night from 6:30 to 11:30 at the Eno Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 4907 Garrett Road.

As well as offering a rollicking good time, the event is an opportunity to learn about WARN's new Power Reduction campaign. This campaign gives us the opportunity to engage locally in an effort whose ramifications are truly global, one that ties consumption choices directly to policy making, and one that promotes an energy strategy exactly opposite to that of Dick Cheney.

What was that?

Something extremely loud just flew over the middle of Chapel Hill, presumably very low to the ground. So close that it left a bunch of honking car alarms in it's wake. We couldn't see it, but it was so loud I was expecting to hear an explosion next. In fact, I was actually seriously scared!

Anyone have any idea what that was? And how it could possibly be legal?

Leafblower mania

Hurricanes in Florida, air quality alerts throughout the country, the 11th worst ozone levels in the US right here in the Triangle. Global warming? We will wait a while if we are going to wait for the federal government to lead us toward a solution to this problem.

Last week we had "car free" day locally and it was a big success. Yesterday the New York Times reported that California had enacted legislation designed to cut emissions from automobiles this will be the most stringent anti global warming initiative ever enacted. (And by a state with a Republican governor.)

How do we keep the mo' going? Let's ban leaf blowers right here in Chapel Hill. Three reasons: pollution, NOISE, air borne particulate. Some 70 plus cities throughout our country have done this already, let's step up as a community and rid ourselves of these obnoxious machines. I wrote a column a couple of years ago in the Herald but their archives are impenetrable. www.NoNoise.org is one of the most complete sites I have found.

Time to go Car Free

Guest Post by Patrick McDonough

On September 22, 2004, Orange County residents will join millions of others around the globe and celebrate World Car Free Day by leaving their cars at home.

Orange County residents who make a pledge to go Car Free for the day or go “Car Lite,” and reduce their number of drive-alone automobile trips will be entered in a drawing for prizes. Pledge forms can be picked up at Weaver Street Market, Whole Foods Market, Chapel Hill Town Hall, or Carrboro Town Hall. People can also pledge online at www.gocarfree.com . The EPA estimates that if 10 cars are taken off the road for only one day, 314 pounds of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere.

The goal of Car Free Day is to have fun while reducing the overall use of cars in the community, and raising awareness of the social, environmental, and public health benefits of communities that are not dependent upon the automobile.



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