Stop Sinclair

Guest Post by Tim Ross

Many of you have probably heard about the controversy regarding Sinclair Broadcast Group and its plans to require the 62 local TV stations that it owns to broadcast an anti-Kerry "documentary" shortly before the November 2nd election. The film, Stolen Honor, is reportedly a blatant political hatchet-job on John Kerry - it might as well be called Swift Boat Vets: The Movie. But while the Bush/Kerry race is on everyone's mind at the moment, this particular controversy is much more than just another development in the 2004 presidential race. The real issue at hand is the considerable effect that corporate media consolidation can have on local TV markets. Including this one.

Visit Your Community Radio Station

According to their newsletter, WCOM is having an open house on Sunday for visitors to tour the new station. They don't say when, but I bet any time after brunch at Weaver Street until dark is fair game.

Visit the Studio on Sunday for an informal open house/ studio tour: Jacques and his hardy band of volunteers have been working furiously to get the new studio completed, and we plan to move furniture and equipment in starting tomorrow. We'll be in there all weekend plugging in wires, testing, and getting ready for real programming to begin. All critical studio hardware has been received, and we could really be "live" on the air VERY SOON. Thanks to everyone who has helped pull this together- it's a great testament to what a community can do when we get behind a worthwhile cause.

Thanks for Reading

We so often criticize the media for what they do wrong, today we have an opportunity to say thanks for a nice story by Dave Hart in today's Chapel Hill News. I didn't expect the photo to be as big as it was, but it's a pretty accurate picture of OP command central.

What makes OrangePolitics matter is the people who read it. All of us individually have opinions, but together we have critical mass. Thank you for being a part of it and making OP the vital and growing community that it is.

Please tell your friends, coworkers, and neighbors about this site so we can hear even more perspectives, and make even more positive change in Orange County!

Het Pride Parade

Guest Post by Matt Compton

Bob Dumas, the host of radio-station G105's morning "Showgram" is organizing a "Heterosexual Pride Parade" to be held in Chapel Hill a week from Saturday. Anyhow, he's already gone through the proper legal hoops, and if I heard correctly on the radio this morning, he lacks only a central meeting location in order to attain permission from the Town of Chapel Hill.

Apparently, this is for real. Dumas told his listeners that he was expecting a huge crowd to show up for the event, including "hundreds of students." A listener of the Showgram is even manufacturing apparel for the event, which the disk jockey plugged on the radio program this morning.

Dumas and the Showgram are no strangers to controversy. Just months ago, a Durham minister circulated a petition calling for Dumas' resignation after he heard the disk jockey insult American Idols winner Fantasia Barrino as "ghetto" and "low class."

Primary News Roundup

"Dollar dollar bill, y'all..." Sorry I don't have time to write more, but here are some articles in today's Herald. Looks like it's all about money!

It turns out SEANC paid for the so-called "push polls" that appeared to be promoting Barry Jacobs in House District 50. No wonder, SEANC (the State Employees Association of N.C., pronounced "scenic") did endorse him.

Doesn't look like those calls have hurt him in the pocketbook, anyway. Bill Faison is the top spender in the House 50 race, having spent $59,000 to Barry Jacobs' $17,500. Faison has raised a total of $109,175 - including $103,000 of his own money. Jacobs' has raised $39,272 so far, most of which came from donors who gave $100 or less.

Commissioner Marget Brown, who failed to file her finance report by last week's deadline, raised more than any of her opponents in her re-election bid. She has raised $12,692.50, and has over $10K left to spend!



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