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Council to Discuss OI-4 Process

The Town Council tonight will discuss the manager's proposed process for finalizing the proposed modifications to the OI-4 zone (for UNC's main campus):

See you at the bus stop

How often are you near a bus stop and trying to guess whether it's worth waiting for the next one or just hoofing it? This happens to me all the time. Partially because it's hard to tell if you have just missed the bus or if it's just about to come - but that's only if you are actually blessed with knowing the schedule.

More often I am already downtown, and in a bit of a hurry. Knowing when the next bus is will make me much more likely to ride. Probably even more than the fact that it's free. Which is why I was so excited to read about Chapel Hill Transit implementing a new system to display this information at bus stops.

Chapel Hill Transit is preparing to issue a request for bids on a new high-tech system that will give transit staff and riders a wealth of information about how the buses move through their routes.

Among other things, it will let riders at certain stops know whether their bus has just left or whether it will be along in three minutes.

Building a third high school: slow and steady wins the race

I read in the Chapel Hill Herald this weekend that administrators in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School System are starting to get a little nervous about getting our third high school open on schedule for 2007 (it was originally supposed to open in 2005, oops). With schools already overcrowded (and classes pretty big even when they're below capacity), I'm completely in favor of opening more schools.

Let's talk transit

Guest Post by Chris van Hasselt

The Carrboro-Chapel Hill Transit Forum will be held on Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at the Carrboro Town Hall in Room 110. The forum is co-sponsored by the Carrboro Transportation Advisory Board and the Chapel Hill Transportation Board.

The Transit Forum is an opportunity for citizens to share opinions and ideas on bus services in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Representatives of Chapel Hill Transit and the Triangle Transit Authority will attend the meeting, make presentations, and meet with citizens.

Residents who are not able to attend the forum can comment and ask questions about public transportation in Carrboro and Chapel Hill via email to or by leaving a voice mail message at 918-7311.

Carrboro Town Hall is located at 301 W. Main Street. The forum will be televised on cable channel 18. While the forum is being televised, viewers can call 918-7308 to ask questions or make comments.

Downtown plans discussed

If you live in Chapel Hill or Carrboro you may want to check out one of these forums today:

The latest plans for redevelopment of East Main Street will be presented to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen tonight at 7:30:

A parking deck could hold 500 vehicles, and a parking lot under the ArtsCenter could hold about 100 cars.

Performance Bicycle Shop would be torn down and replaced with a five-story building.

The ArtsCenter would be visible from all sides of the street and space above the ArtsCenter would be used by artists for galleries and living spaces.

That's the newest 3-D vision for the rebuilding of the 300 E. Main St. business strip, a project that could transform downtown Carrboro.

- Chapel Hill Herald, 1/11/05



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