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UNC Master Plan workshop

UNC is updating the Campus Master Plan. This update seems to be hapenning rather quietly, considering its great importance. ("Quiet" meaning I haven't seen any publicity or listings and can't find any information about it online.) The Master Plan is an internal document UNC uses to guide its growth, and as such it has no formal connection to the Town. However, it is often cited by UNC as a justification when requesting Town approval for various development projects, so it is involved in most of the town-gown conversations about growth.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro...not the same?

No they are not. That is what one developer is learning as a plan for a 164 unit apartment complex is planned on property which lies in the jurisdiction of both municipalities. This development (Merrit Mill Apartments) not only raises the issue of properties lying in two jurisdictions but also larger issues of how interconnected development between the city and the town is. Issues like how will traffic get in and out of the development? How important is it that we created connectivity for the Lloyd Street neighborhood? While they are two separate entities, the development of Chapel Hill and Carrboro is closely joined by more than just proximity. While trying to create more connected and denser communities how should Chapel Hill and Carrboro work together over that thin line which is called the town line?

Ballantine opposes regional rail

Republican gubernatorial candidate Patrick Ballantine is quoted in today's Raleigh N&O as opposing regional commuter rail in the Triangle. Ballantine argues that it is a waste of money for the state to support Charlotte's proposed light rail system as well. Says Ballantine in the N&O: "Right now you're not going to be able to take people out of their cars -- despite the traffic. That takes an incredible cultural change that we're not ready for."

Democratic Governor Mike Easley supports state investment in both systems. The N&O Article quotes Easley's Secretary of Transportation: "There appears to be a great deal of wisdom in providing public transportation through additional bus service in rural areas and urban areas, and in the light rail piece for Charlotte and Raleigh."

I think Ballantine is the "incredible cultural change" that I am not ready for.

Hillsborough Planning Board

Arglebargle or fuferau?

There's something more to the story of Kelly Hopper being kicked off the Hillsborough Planning Board than meets the eye. Admittedly she skipped a lot of meetings, but it sounds like there is more at work in this decision than that.

Anyone want to let us in on the big secret?

Rezoning UNC?

Once again Chapel Hill is moving toward a rezoning of UNC's property according to the Herald Sun.

Joyce Brown and I tried valiantly to rezone Horace Williams to O&I-2 back in the mid-1990's, but we were shot down at the time. Will it be any different this time? Sounds like it might. The Herald-Sun said the council voted unanimously to consider the rezoning.

We'll see . . .



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