"If we can occupy a building, what else might we seize"?  

"Underground Reverie" proporting to be involved in the Yates building seizure have published a slideshow telling their side of the story.  Its interesting that they seem to equate property rights and repression, and view this as just one battle in a larger war.  The question "If we can occupy a building, what else might we seize" implies they're wanting to come back and try this again.  Personally, I hope they don't "start taking over" as vast majority of Chapel Hill/Carborro residents really don't want to have their democracy overthrown by anarchists, thank you very much for not asking.

And then there's the signs that say "Off the pigs", "pigs gonna pay", and "all cops are bastards".  


Hal Crowther's cover article on the Occupy movement in this week's Indy lambasts Chapel Hill police overkill like only he can.

Anybody know what's happening at Town Hall?

 I drove by Town Hall around 8:40pm and it appeared that protesters (Occupy?) were blocking southbound traffic on MLK Jr. Blvd/Airport Road/NC-86 right next to the bridge that leads to the main Chapel Hill municipal building.  Last I saw (again, around 8:40pm), a couple of police cars were also in the southbound lanes protecting the protesters from getting run over by traffic. Anyone know what's going on now?

The anarchist's way: shout down anyone you don't agree with

I tried to engage the local anarchists group at today and my comments were deleted, and it reminded me of their behavior at tonight's city council meeting.  They take advantage of democracy's freedom of speech while simultaneously shouting down anyone they don't agree with.  I thought the mayor handled the situation very well under the circumstances.

I didn't hear what happened to the petition to issue an apology to the journalists immediately, though.  (I was trying to listen to the meeting while practicing my Haydn.)

The Triangle Anarchist website: sponsored by big pharma

I visited the Triangle-area anarchist website to see what they're planning next, and was surprised to find advertising!  Why, that's capitalist, and the first ad was from big pharma.   How can you be anti-capitalist, and then make use of "free" online services that are actually paid for by advertising?



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