Preserve Rural Orange continues to raise questions about UNC's animal research facility

Let's Protest UNC's Bingham Facility!

If anyone wants to join in helping me form a protest at UNC's Bingham Facility or on UNC's campus (probably better) reply to this posting!

State regulators have hit UNC with another violation notice for a treated wastewater spill at its animal holding and research facility in rural Orange County.

The  March 3 notice comes after broken pipes spilled  1,800 gallons of treated wastewater onto the ground of the Bingham Facility in late February.


And more:


Pet Food Drive this Friday! (Carrboro Plaza Vet + Orange County Animal Shelter)

I just did the following commentary for WCHL which will play on Friday of this week.  I've organized Carrboro Plaza Vet's 2nd Annual Pet Food Drive in conjunction with the Orange County Animal Shelter.  My first blog posting on this site was about this about the first pet food drive that I organized last year which you can see here:


Food Collected during the 2008 Pet Food Drive



What's Up with the APS of Orange?

As an avid animal lover, I am disturbed by what is happening at APS of Orange. When the Orange County Board took over control of the Animal Shelter, there was a hint of a problem at APS. Now, the Chapel Hill News comes out with a report that it has lost its right to raise money due to lack of filing a 990.

It also appears that there may be budget and other issues. All politics aside, the lives of animals are at stake in this. The victims of this mismanagement cannot speak for themselves. As someone with 2 shelter cats:


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