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Election by appointment

Come back with me to the summer of 2009. Filing just ended for the Chapel Hill Town Council and Mayoral races when powerhouse Council Member Bill Strom suddenly announced he was resigning and moving to New York. Strom was called "Machiavellian" and much worse.

First it was just the typical Strom haters that accused him of attempting to manipulate the process by waiting until just after the filing period, so that his replacement could be chosen by his friends on the Town Council. Strom himself claimed the timing was purely accidental. However, in the following weeks information trickled out showing that Strom’s actions were every bit as intentional as they looked to the skeptics.

Kinnaird, Ginsburg Get It Exactly Wrong on Retirements

That's the title of my op-ed in today's Raleigh News & Observer.

Your thoughts? 

State Reps. Insko, Foushee introduce to bill to fill vacant aldermen seats by appointment

Deadline for Council applicants

From the Town of Chapel Hill:

The Chapel Hill Town Council has established the process for filling the vacancy on the Council resulting from the resignation of former Council Member Penny Rich. The Town Charter provides that this vacancy be filled by appointment for the remainder of Council Member Rich's term of office, until December 2013. Residents of Chapel Hill who are registered voters and otherwise qualified to hold office are invited to apply to fill this vacant seat on the Town Council.

There is no official form for applications. Applications must include the name, residence address, and signature of the applicant. The original application with an original signature must be submitted and received by the Town Clerk by 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 7, 2013. The Town Clerk's Office is located in the Communications and Public Affairs Department on the second floor of Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Applicants may include information in support of the application if they wish and are encouraged to provide a written statement (500 words or less) outlining the applicant's view of issues facing the Town of Chapel Hill and interest in serving on the Town Council.

Applicants will have an opportunity to make brief remarks regarding their interest in serving on the Town Council at the special meeting of the Town Council at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14, 2013, in the Council Chamber at Town Hall. The Council will then consider making an appointment to fill the vacancy at a special meeting/public hearing on Jan. 23, 2013.

Information: 919-968-2743 


Monday, January 7, 2013 - 5:00pm



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