Bill Thorpe

The replacements

(I almost called this post "Who's filling the gap, II.")  With the tragic death of Chapel Hill Town Council Member Bill Thorpe and the certain election of Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Member Pam Hemminger to the County Commissioners, both bodies will be selecting replacements to fill those seats in the coming months.

Funeral service for Bill Thorpe

Will be preceeded by a viewing beginning at 11:00 am.


Friday, October 3, 2008 - 9:00am


University Baptist Church, Chapel Hill

RIP Council Member Bill Thorpe

Bill Thorpe cared about Chapel Hill enough to serve again on the Council. His point of view and good humor will be missed.

An ethical problem or just bad judgement?

The Daily Tar Heel's recent article about unearthing public records strikes a contrast to the News & Observer's relatively casual handling of a potentially very serious issue regarding Chapel Hill Town Council Member Bill Thorpe. On Saturday, the N&O reported that William Thorpe Jr. approached a local developer offering his services as a "public relations consultant" on their project which was pending approval by the Town Council.

Credit where it's due

Chapel Hill Town Council Member Bill Thorpe is proposing an internship program as a way to get more students engaged in local government. Personally I have supported every proposal I've ever heard to get students involved locally, including reserving seats on town advisory boards to be filled by current students.

Thorpe takes a different approach, offering academic credit and plugging them in on the staff side instead of the leadership side. Still, it could help, or maybe even lead to other opportunities.

Thorpe hopes students will be able to earn college credit and be compensated for their experience.

"What I'm doing is asking the town to certify their internship program, hooking up with the University for the students to receive credit."

Currently, the town hires interns throughout the year and provides monetary compensation but not academic credit.

Thorpe envisions that interns would be able to work in any town department.



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