The Smart Math of Mixed-Use Development with Joe Minicozzi

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With tighter budgets & environmental costs, US cities have accepted that the status quo of development will no longer work. When trying to convey that info using math, cities get lost in the numbers.

Using simple math and creative visual aids, Joe Minicozzi specializes in explaining the true costs and benefits of development choices. He will share how these tools can help cities overcome misconceptions about efficient urban development and make wise investments. 

Laern more: https://planning.unc.edu/Smartmath

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Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm


Koury Auditorium, UNC Campus

Hillsborough Board of Commissioners Budget Planning Retreat




Location: Hwy 86 Facility, Hillsborough, NC

Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Breaks as needed - Lunch around noon

  1. Getting Started

    •  Welcome - Mayor Tom Stevens

    •  Overview of retreat purpose and process - Donna Warner, Facilitator

    •  Share expectations and concerns

  2. Getting on the Same Page

    • What are the unique things about Hillsborough (people, places, services, quality of life) that you hold dear and want to preserve for future generations? What words come to mind when you think of this ideal state?

    • What are you most proud of about town government this year?

    • What about your service to the Town gets you up in the morning?

    • Review mission and vision outlined in the strategy map.

    • Gain agreement on the goals and objectives outlined in the strategy map. Serve the community. Affirm core values (see 2007 notes)

  3. Setting the Stage [Eric Peterson]

    •  Fiscal update

    •  General questions/discussion on draft FY13 budget and FY13-15 financial plan.

  4. Criteria for Guiding Decisions [Eric Peterson]

    • Take care of what we've got

    • Invest in Hillsborough's future

    • Minimize rate impact on citizens

    • Other?

  5. Key Issues & Opportunities Facing Departments (3 minute summaries from each department)

  6. Budget Decision Items

(Board homework - prepare in advance) using the consensus criteria, each council member rates the budget items as follows:

  1. Agree to fund

  2. Disagree - not fund

  3. Need more information/questions

  • For each decision item, roundtable to compare rankings followed by discussion to develop a consensus recommendation.

  • Other items to add?

  1. Wrapping Up: Decisions, Expectations, Actions and Reflections

  2. Adjourn



Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 9:00am to 3:00pm


Hwy. 86 Facility, 890 N.C. 86 N.

Budgetopolis: Chapel Hill 2020 Meets Priority Budgeting

Chapel Hill's forthcoming comprehensive plan is supposed to accomplish many things, one of which is to guide Town staff as the transition to from an incremental budgeting system to one that is priority-driven. Since the Town is beginning to use priority budgeting this year, I have been unsure as to how this will work. Last week, as part of Chapel Hill 2020, the Town hosted a budget simulation exercise called Budgetopolis to learn more about value-based budgeting. This exercise, facilitated by staff from the UNC School of Government, was held at the NC Botanical Gardens. Because of my role as an advisory board chair, I was invited to participate.

The Fight To Save Our Schools

3,200 UNC System employees lose their jobs under the budget that currently sits on Governor Perdue's desk.

Backers of the budget cuts argue that at a time where unemployment is at near record levels and the state is facing a 3 billion dollar deficit cuts need to be made. By slashing education and other vital public institutions instead of keeping the current sales tax level, the legislature claims to be protecting economic development in NC. They fail to recognize the fundamental role education plays in economic development.

Proposed Chapel Hill Transit Changes

It's budget season, and here in Chapel Hill the impacts of decreased revenue and increased costs are being felt- especially in Transit. In the Manager's recommended budget, the Transit Fund will receive a 1.5% increase, but due to increased costs for administration and vehicle maintenance, Chapel Hill Transit is proposing the following service cuts:

Weekday Fixed Route Service



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