The Orange County Democratic Party Moving Forward

Two weeks ago, I had the honor and good fortune of being elected the new chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.  This is an extremely humbling experience, as I became the youngest county chair in the North Carolina Democratic Party. However, it is my pleasure to serve my party in Orange County with the tasks ahead. With that comes the responsibility of communicating with our community and promoting greater inclusion.

What I want to do is simple: broadcast our message out to the voters of Orange County and get people talking about the issues affecting them. We have the fortune of living in one of the most Democratic and progressive counties in North Carolina. With that comes the responsibility of being one of the most active parties in the state. Additionally, this means taking a pro-active role in our community, especially when it comes to issue advocacy, as we are the very definition of grassroots.

Announcing Orange Grapevine

Announcing Orange Grapevine, a new general discussion forum for residents of Orange County and interested persons in the adjoining counties, Alamance, Chatham and Eastern Durham

ORANGE GRAPEVINE ("the grapevine")

Announcing Orange Grapevine, a new general discussion forum for
residents of Orange County and interested persons in adjoining counties.

This mailing list, hosted by ibiblio and mirrored by a blog, group and
website provided by Google will offer people living in or near Orange
County a collection of resources they can use to discuss and exchange
resources on a wide variety of topics of interest to them. A short list
of those topics might include the following:

local news

local politics: campaigns, candidates and elected politicians, political

local government: local issues, Q&A, RFI, suggestions and
recommendations, news

announce, promote and recommend local businesses, yours or others
classifieds (sell, buy, donate, barter)

Where Are The High Tech Solutions?

I know that this is a "political" board but it seems like we have a lot of very "tech-savvy" people that post here.  Is anyone else concerned that a contractor's mistake today, resulting in a cut in a fiber-optics network in Chapel Hill, resulted in a loss of communication amongst courthouses and county offices in all 100 NC counties?

Cut fiber line knocks out state courts' communications

I find this kind of disconcerting myself.  It seems like the design of these systems has made us far, far too vulnerable.  I think this is a political issue because it raises concerns for public health and welfare , at least IMHO.


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