Etta Pisano

Carolina North OP Ed by Etta Pisano

Wow. I don't know if I was the cause of it or if it was already planned, but even without having Mr. Moeser over for coffee, there is a great op-ed in the Chapel Hill News. (Source Here)

I credit her for speaking eloquently about the need for this development from a personal and professional level. In a way, this seems similar to Councilman Matt Czajkowski's call for more development to support Chapel Hill. As a parent, who wants involved professors teaching my kids, I understand her plea for a place to work near her research.

I continue to say that I would prefer Carolina North to almost any other use I can imagine for this property. If something has to be built - and it does - this is the best use. We just have to make sure that this land is used best.


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