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Community Organizing takes off in Orange County

From OCOC press release as printed in News of Orange County:

County-wide grassroots effort will hold Dec. 7 meeting

On Sunday, Dec. 7, 300 leaders from 23 faith-based institutions in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough will gather at 5 p.m. at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill to launch a new agenda called "One County for All." The Church is located at 300 E. Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill.

The event is viewed as a new model for multi-ethnic interfaith collaboration in Orange County. The Orange County Organizing Committee (OCOC) seeks to bring about change on affordable housing, living wages, environmental justice, education, healthcare, and quality of life for immigrant families.

Public Information Meeting for Glen Lennox NCD

This meeting is a part ofthe town's process for Glen Lennox residents to find out about Neighborhood Conservation Districts and help them decide how and whether to proceed with creating an NCD.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 3:00pm


Chapel Hill Town Hall, Council Chambers

Glen Lennox discussion on WCOM

Greg Brusseau of Save Glen Lennox will be the guest on the Wednesday edition of WCOM's West End Report with LMT hosting. Greg will discuss the inside scoop he got from a N&O reporter about Grubb properties backing out of their bid and caving into the community to redesign their plan.

Tune into 103.5 LP FM (Carrboro/Chapel Hill area) at 6pm or you can stream us by clicking here. I'm hoping that Ruby calls us at the studio LIVE from the OP Happy Hour with an update: 919-929-9601. Freel free to call with questions. The first caller gets a Save Glen Lennox T-shirt!

Glen Lennox developer to Town: "just kidding!"

I still can't decide which of Clay Grubb's statements is more ridiculous: the description of Glen Lennox as "in decline" (how does he think it got that way?) or last month's admission that his proposal to redevelop the property was "done hastily" and wasn't really a very good idea. A month ago, I was open to the idea of at least some changes in Glen Lennox, but at this point I kinda want to put a moratorium on development until we can convince the guy to just sell the whole thing.

The president of Grubb Properties said Wednesday night that his company's initial plans to redevelop the Glen Lennox neighborhood and shopping center failed to respect the community's character.

"I do not think the plan was sensitive to the history of Glen Lennox. I apologize," Clay Grubb told the Chapel Hill Town Council. "That was a plan that was done hastily."

Go Glen Lennox

[Save Glen Lennox]Kudos to the Little Creek Neighborhood Association who are mobilizing to save the nearby Glen Lennox neighborhood from redevelopment by Grubb Properties. They have enough petition signatures to start the Neighborhood Conservation District process with the Town of Chapel Hill. I'm still not sure whether the NCD is the right tool for the job, but it should help to slow the momentum of the developers who want to raze the neighborhood for a new high-rise mixed use development.



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