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CHW blog continues verbal assault on elected officials' dignity

Warning: this post might constitute feeding the trolls, something to which I am adamantly opposed. However, the blog Chapel Hill Watch has continued to push the boundaries of taste with their strange personal attacks on politicians with whom they disagree. In their recent "Roll Call" post, CHW speculates about the personal relationships of Chapel Hill Town Council Member Donna Bell and Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt in light of their absences at a Council meeting that was held on Valentine's Day.

BlogTogether Birthday Bash

I'll be there!

The BlogTogether Birthday Bash will be a free event open to writers and readers in North Carolina. Our goal: to celebrate all the bloggers in the Triangle — no matter how short or long you’ve been at it.

So come ready to meet your blogging heroes, introduce yourself to new friends, and enjoy the diversity of our regional blogging activities (education, politics, technology, food, faith, and so much more). 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 2:30pm


1007 West Main Street, Durham

Welcome to the fray

Chapel Hill Watch

When I was interviewed by WCHL reporter Elizabeth Friend for this story, she told me about the new site Chapel Hill Watch started by journalists Don Evans and Nancy Oates. They've posted 17 stories so far, and gotten a smattering of comments. Their "Blogroll" only contains one local site: The Carrboro Citizen. In fact based on their comments to WCHL, I'm not sure that a blog is what they want to be. It sounds more like an online news site. Then again, the writing is quite opinionated, and they're getting corrected by commenters - pretty bloggy!  Maybe the labels don't matter so much anymore.

In any case, I've always said "the more merrier" when it comes to local blogging, and it applies to local journalism, too!  Whichever one they plan to be (or some hybrid), I welcome Don and Nancy's voices to the fray.

Changes in the local blogosphere

There has been a flurry of activity in the Orange County political blogosphere this month. Changes that interest me as much as who is wining the presidential primaries. (Go Obama!)

First, the big news is the disappearance of the Squeeze the Pulp forum. In its place appears to be a site that could have a community, but it isn'y very clear how. The new site is based on software called DokuWiki. It looks like a bunch of semi-static pages can be created and edited by a group of people. So people will write rants and others will edit them. For what, grammar? The two-way communication of a forum has been lost.

Part of me is sad that all the STP writing is gone. Mainly because it would help people remember the slander and hateful crap. Why would we want to remember that? To inform the context of our local political history. For example, the dirty tactics some supported there. It could also encourage more long-term responsibility. Politicos won't forget, trust me. But the new resident to Carrboro may like to know how that candidate got elected or defeated. I think the blog of record will be Orange Politics.


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