Lydia Lavelle

Lavelle to make announcement tomorrow, other mayoral rumblings?

Carrboro Alderperson Lydia Lavelle is scheduled to make an announcement to the public and the press tomorrow in front of Town Hall. She has long been discussed as the successor to Mayor Mark Chilton who previously announced that he would not be running for re-election after this term.

They spent HOW MUCH?

I've had several people contact me and ask for a post about the final 2007 campaign finance figures. (And yet none of them offerred to write it themselves, hmmm.) The results are pretty interesting. The Independent Weekly wrote a summary including Chapel Hill.

He placed fourth in the race, but first in cash: Council challenger Matt Czajkowski spent at least $20,000 in the election cycle—more than fellow candidates Sally Greene, Cam Hill and Bill Strom combined. Ninety percent came from Czajkowski's own pocket, via $17,750 in self-loans.

Czajkowski came in fourth in the seven-person race for four seats, squeaking by incumbent Hill by 63 votes.

In total, Strom raised $9,380 and spent $6,497; Greene raised $7,881 and spent $5,669; and Hill raised $5,485 and spent $5,566 (he had cash on hand from his 2003 race). Top vote-getter and incumbent Jim Ward, who pledged not to spend more than $3,000, had not submitted a final report as of Jan. 29.

Welcome Lydia, and thank you Alex

And now tonight at 7:30 Carrboro will swear in new and re-elected members of the Board of Aldermen: Joal, Dan, and Lydia. I'm sure Dan Coleman will be breathing a sigh of relief now that he has been put before the people of Carrboro and duly elected. Expect another round of nice speeches followed by good snacks. If there have been as many bitter recriminations in Carrboro as there have been in Chapel Hill, I sure haven't noticed. What are people saying? Are we ready to work together yet?

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