House party for The People's Channel

Via e-mail:

The People's Channel will be having a wonderful fundraiser/house party on Saturday June 28th 7-9pm, and y'all should come by for some delicious food and drink!

Who: The People's Channel, Chapel Hill and Orange County (soon Carrboro) Community Media Center

What: A House Party to benefit The Peoples Channel--A non-profit Community Media Center providing area citizens opportunity to exercise free speech through media production, education, and distribution of cable programming.

When: Saturday, June 28 7-9 p.m. Please join us for some exquisite food and drinks and great company. Suggested donation per person $20

Where: The Common House in Pacifica, at the end of Hanna St. in Carrboro Hosted by Vimala Rajendran 919.967.3864 The Peoples Channel 919.960.0088

Why: So the people that bring you Democracy NOW every night on your TV get funding AND to support your Community Media! I should remind folks that TPC is overworked and underpaid. We operate on a bare bones budget and have very few resources. So please consider a contribution! We are in serious need of equipment upgrades...

Thank you all!



Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 3:00pm


Common House in Pacifica, Hanna St. in Carrboro

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