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Education rally in Raleigh

Hello NC residents!

    On Tuesday, May 3rd, the North Carolina Association of Educators and the North Carolina Parent/Teacher Association are co-sponsoring a public education rally in Raleigh from 4 pm on.  Buses and carpools of educators, public school employees, parents, students, and concerned citizens are travelling to Raleigh from Murphy to Manteo to show their concern about the 2011-2012 state budget, which cuts public education funding by $1 billion statewide.  Please consider travelling to Raleigh in support of our public school system, its students, and its employees!  And forward this to all your friends and family! I hope you can attend.


Here is a link to the actual budget proposal.
Here is a brief description of the impact that this budget proposal will have on public education if passed.
Local discretionary cuts                                    $346.9 million (cuts 7,000 teacher jobs/or 9,000 TA jobs)
Teacher Assistants                                            $258.6 million (cuts 8,000 jobs)
At-Risk Student Services                                   $30.1 million (cuts 602 teacher jobs)
Noninstructional support personnel             (cuts 2,380 jobs)
Academically/Intellectually Gifted                (cuts 168 teacher jobs)
Central Office Administration                         $10.7 million (cut 150 jobs)
Assistant principals                                           $24.7 million  (cuts 329 jobs)
Limited English Proficiency                              $7.5 million (cuts 150 teacher jobs lost)
Transportation                                                    $20.7 million  (cuts 1,035 bus drivers)
Teacher Academy                                            Eliminated
Mentoring                                                          Eliminated
School Technology                                          Eliminated
Staff development                                          Eliminated
NC Science, Math and Technical
Education Center                                             Eliminated
Office of Early Learning                                 Eliminated
Educator Recruitment
and Development                                          Eliminated
Governor’s Education Cabinet                   Eliminated.
NC Professional Teaching
Standards Commission                                  Eliminated
Background Information:  The proposed budget for K-12 education is scheduled for debate in the House Education Appropriations Subcommittee for a week, where changes can be made.  A decision on salary cuts in the House version of the budget will be made once the proposal is forwarded to the full Appropriations Chairs.  A House budget proposal is scheduled for a vote in late April after which the Senate forwards its proposal.
Here is a quick link to contact your House member.
Here is a link to a video of the debate that took place on the Senate floor over the proposed State Health Plan bill following Governor Perdue’s veto of the bill.  Note the reference to NCAE as the culprit behind the Governor’s veto.  Please join us in thanking Governor Perdue for taking a stand and supporting educators.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 4:30pm


state legislature and downtown Raleigh

Letter to Representative Insko and Commissioner Gordon on School Funding

With the month of May coming, it time for flowers to bloom and for our school district to trim resources.   Every year when this happens I appreciate the flowers and figure there has to be a better way to fund our schools.  Below is the text of a letter I send to Representative Insko with copy to County Commissioner Alice Gordon.  There has to be a better approach that what we have now.  Thoughts and comments are appreciated. 

facts about city, county and state budgets

Is there anywhere on the web with details about NC state budget, orange county budget, and Chapel Hill town budget?  I've been searching the last hour and am surprised that I have been unable to find any breakdown of the recently passed budgets.  Am I missing a good resource?  I have no agenda; just wondering what the facts are.  Seems like this information is more difficult to find than it should be.



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