Critiquing local businesses

I feel very strongly that it is important to support our local businesses. I go out of my way to do this because without them we would be forced to shop at larger, less personable chains where our local dollars are shipped out to their corporate headquarters. Once there the money would be spent on national advertising as well as the development of other big-box stores with their sprawling parking lots and filled with the same, foreign made crap that I could buy in their other stores across the country.

By spending my money in my home town I have learned that the local businesses have a different variety of products, and that the owners are competing for my business. So they are happy to make minor accommodations to keep me as a customer. Furthermore, if I want to know where something came from all I have to do is ask the clerk or owner of the business.

NOFFN- An Inspiring Experience

During ECHHS's spring break, I went to New Orleans to do relief work with a delegation from The Community Church of Chapel Hill (Unitarian Universalist). The trip was great, we have a blog posted if you are interested in reading about it ( I worked a bit in the Lower Ninth Ward where I helped to reconstruct an old gutted house. I also helped by gardening in one of the neighborhoods. The projects are being run by a group call New Orleans Food and Farm Network. Here is their site:

NOFFN is a prime example of grassroots networking. I was wondering if we have anything like it in Chapel Hill. If so, how can I get involved? If not, would it be possible to start something like it?


5th Annual NC Sustainable Energy Conference



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