Early Voting Begins for Primary Election


Thursday, April 17, 2008 - 5:00am

Excuses excuses

Guest Post by Ginny Franks

"Voting is perhaps the most important duty we have as citizens of the United States. But it also is important to remember to vote for the area that we are shaping as students at this University. We are a part of this community, whether we're from Wilmington or Boone.

So register to vote.

It doesn't matter for whom or what you vote. Just do it. It's as simple as that."

– Emma Burgin, Daily Tar Heel columnist and former City Editor

If the State Board of Elections records are right (Disclaimer: they aren't always!), then Emma Burgin didn't vote.

Electoral Reform Begins at Home

There are four major electoral changes that Orange County voters should consider. Take note everyone, I said ‘consider.' I am not entirely sure what the best approach would be, but I do think the current system doesn't adequately reflect the diversity of viewpoints in Orange County.

For what they are worth, here are four ideas for County electoral reform that have been bandied about:

1. Increasing Membership



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