NRG Forum on Growth and Density

With the rollout of Raleigh's plan for future development and identification of areas for transit and denser development, this topic is as timely as ever for our communities. NRG is seeking to initiate a public discussion about a comprehensive vision for the future of Chapel Hill.  We are hoping to engage citizens to learn more about this issue and to equip them to weigh in with their elected officials on how they want to see their community grow.

I hope OP readers will join us and lend their opinions, questions, and experience. While the forum addresses primarily Chapel Hill, this issue is not confined to one town - we hope to attract attendees from our wider community to bring their expertise and perspectives. For details on when and where, please see the invitation below.

Chapel Hill 2020: A Forum on the Future of Density and Growth in Chapel Hill

Wednesday, December 10, 7 – 9 pm  

What? The citizens’ group Neighborhoods for Responsible Growth (NRG) will hold a public forum on growth, density, and the future vision for Chapel Hill and Carrboro on the evening of Wednesday, December 10, 2008, in the Chapel Hill Town Council Chambers, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The format will feature speakers knowledgeable about current Town policies, a slide show, and opportunity for comments and questions. 

Why?  As our community has grown, the need has arisen for a community-wide discussion on how we want our town to grow. More and more citizens are expressing uncertainty about what degree of density is most appropriate for our community, and where the best locations for dense development might be.  NRG believes that our community will develop best based on a comprehensive vision that is understood and endorsed by informed citizens. The goal of this forum is to kick off a community-wide discussion.

If you have a question you would like addressed at the forum, please send it to NRG: We’ll do our best to answer as many questions as possible Please distribute to others you think would be interested in this event.  Please excuse cross postings.

NRG is a grassroots citizens’ group working to preserving our quality of life in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Orange County, and vicinity.


We've put together a very brief survey on density and growth issues,
mostly to help gather feedback from the Forum. For all you planning
wonks out there, you can follow this link to the survey and make your own

Er, my apologies...we've decided to close the survey for now, it will be opened at the start of the Forum on Wednesday, and remain active for just a day or so. This lets us gather opinions that are directly related to the Forum content.Those of you desperate to give your opinions can (of course) post here or send email to

Drat - that should be

To Mike and the other NRG folks- I want to compliment you for putting together a solid event last night.  The group of speakers did a good job setting up what I think has been one of the higher-quality community conversations on growth and density we've had in Southern Orange County.  It was also nice to have several members of the Town Council present and participating.  Will it be replayed on local television at all?

We will be posting the video of the session online in the next
few days. The video will also be rebroadcast on TimeWarner Cable public
access Channel 18 on Sat 13 Dec at 9am and Sun 14 Dec at 9am (thanks to The People's Channel for this).

Thanks!  I was getting ready to ask if there was a recording available.  Everything I've heard said NRG did a great job with the forum, but unfortunately a conflicting meeting kept me from attending.  Looking forward to seeing the video.

Watch the Forum via Google Video here. Thank you to Will Raymond for help with video processing.If you have comments about the Forum please visit the NRG home page where you can send us your thoughts.


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