Frustrating Forums III

The next to last forum was tonight, on campus, sponsored by UNC student government and the DTH. Pretty unremarkable.

I've figured out a format which would deal with eleven candidates.......The Weakest Link. There was a television show a few years ago where the contestants were winnowed out when they couldn't answer a question or they were voted out by the other contestants, or some such stuff (I never actually saw more than a few minutes). Applying this principle to our forums would have sent folks home early when they said something stupid. This would have dramatically reduced the candidates quickly.

In an affort to flush out Gregor Samsa. There has been some talk of a drinking game based on the Town Council candidates. For instance: every time you hear me say: "I was born here" you get to take a drink. Whenever Terri Tyson says: "For the record, I'm opposed to school merger." you take two drinks. Any thoughts on other cues?

DTH Coverage

I missed this, maybe you didn't. Daily Tarheel story about this web site, " -- hip, no frills, and far from balanced?"

Fred Black Threatens the Status Quo at The Herald; Waldorf Makes Her Endorsements

Last Sunday in the Chapel Hill Herald's letters column, the Community Action Network's Fred Black took issue with a column by Dan Coleman, which took issue with the Community Action Network. Surprise, surprise. The roots of the animus between CAN and Coleman (and, it should be said, the Sierra Club the Greens, and most of the town's New Left) are long, and not worth describing here. Let's just say they have a difference of opinion.

In Black's letter he went on to impugn Coleman's ethics as a columnist this way:

"Mr. Coleman alleges that CAN has not clarified its policy interests and endorsement procedures; we have. What hasn't been clarified is Mr. Coleman's tap dancing on the line of endorsing candidates in his columns, his active endeavors in support of "his" candidates, and his ethical standards as a columnist. He needs to clearly disclose these things to the readers of The Chapel Hill Herald."

Happy Birthday to Us... is one month old today. Thanks for reading... and writing!

I am really thrilled with the level of community engagement we've seen here, and I think we can do even more! If you have any suggestions for the site, please let us know with your comments. Anything from design ideas, to feature suggestions, to new topics... your ideas are all welcome.

Public Hearing on principles for Carolina North

Tonight the Chapel Hill Town Council will hold a public hearing on the Horace William's Committee's recommendations for the land that will be Carolina North. This is a great opportunity for residents to encourage the Council to take a stronger stand in protecting the Town during the inevitable development of Carolina North - the biggest single development we've ever seen in Orange County.

The meeting takes place in the Council Chambers at 306 North Columbia Street at 7 pm. This is one of the first items on the agenda, so please be prompt!



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