The Indy Does Orange

The Independent Weekly published a trio of articles about Chapel Hill and Carrboro Races this week.

The articles are good. I appreciated coverage of Dianne Bachman's uncomfortable position, but I think calling it a "conflict of interest" really misses the mark. It's more like a conflict of perspective or conflict of loyalty. They also failed to look past her campaign slogans to investigate where her ideas came from and whether she actually understands them.

Pedestrian-(un)Friendly Carrboro

For those of us who grew up in any other part of North Carolina, moving to Carrboro often seems like moving to a different (and better) world. Carrborians have always prided ourselves in trying to keep the good parts of Southern life intact (the relaxed pace and community) while striving to be the most culturally diverse, progressive town in the state. Instead of comparing ourselves to other similar-sized cities in the state, like Brevard or Concord or Goldsboro, most folks I know now compare Carrboro to other interesting, progressive cities throughout the country. We still stack up quite nicely in terms of our schools, public transit, and leadership, but we fall quite short on a very important indicator or quality of life: pedestrian friendliness.

Just look at other towns that are often mentioned in the same breath as our own: Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz, Ann Arbor, Madison, Towson Park, MD. We are much smaller than most of these towns and have other factors which separate us, but these municipalities are ones in which you can walk around much more freely and where bike paths and sidewalks can carry you to most parts of town.

Candidate Links

For your researching pleasure, here are links to all of the websites I could find for candidates in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Carrboro Campaign Trail

Alright, let's talk about Carrboro! This was written by a Carrboro resident who would like to remain anonymous:

The campaign trail has been fairly quiet in Carrboro, but much could be at stake for the Paris of the Piedmont. Four candidates are running for three seats: Incumbents Joal Hall Broun and Alex Zaffron will meet challengers Mark Chilton and Steve Rose in this election. First let’s run through the Alderman candidates:

Joal Hall Broun, the Board’s only African-American member, has been an Alderman for four years. She’s an attorney and mother of two. Chapel Hill observers will recall the unusual spelling of Joal’s last name; her father-in-law is former Chapel Hill Mayor Ken Broun. Joal’s vote against the Pacifica Development at the end of Hanna Street is no doubt going over well with folks in that area of Town. The Sierra Club snubbed Joal in its endorsements, which helps neither her campaign for Alderman, nor the Club’s lily-white reputation. It seems unlikely that this will affect her chances much, however.

Sad News: Ed Caldwell

Ed Caldwell passed away on Sunday. He will be missed, and fondly remembered. He served the community vigorously. He was actively serving on the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District (among other things) until he fell seriously ill.

Here's more info from the Chapel Hill Herald.



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