May 2006

May Day

It looks like a lot of local businesses are participating in (or at least supporting) the Immigrant Day of Action tomorrow.

I haven't heard of much going on locally. Where's the action? Will you be at work?

Find Wireless in Chapel Hill

This week I launched a new website called Chapel Hill Wireless. The sites first goal is to help people find public wireless hotspots. It uses a Google Map to plot markers where you can find wireless. I hacked together a bit of javascript using the Google Maps API to make it work. This site will cover the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina.

I've included wireless provided by municipalities and businesses. As long as the wireless is available to everyone for free or a nominal fee - like a cup of coffee or a sandwich. (I didn't include the wireless on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill because its not open to the general public.)

If you've used one of the hotspots on the map WRITE A REVIEW. Here's how:
1) Register on the Chapel Hill Wireless website
2) Login
3) Write a review in a blog post
4) Send me an email. Tell me you've written a post.

Best local blogs

The Indpendent is taking votes on the Best of the Triangle for 2006. They must have been afraid that OrangePolitics would sweep Best Blog for a third year in a row because they have removed the category! Can we declare ourselves Best Blog for Life? ;-)

(And this after snubbing me last year by never sending my award packet. Hmph.)

Anyway, what other local blogs do y'all read (or write)? I've been collecting them under the local blogs link in the sidebar.

Election day open thread

What's on your mind?

Election Night Coverage

WCHL 1360 AM and WCOM 103.5 FM will both be covering the local elections today and tonight.

First, at 12:30 this afternoon, WCHL will have a midday update on how turnout looks and how the new voting technology is working. Through the afternoon WCHL will also be having further updates during breaks in their programming.

At 8 PM, WCOM will be covering the election with host Triangle Slim and special guest appearances from some local pundits (including some possibly familiar names from OP). Tune in to hear the early returns and analysis.

Then at 9 PM, WCHL will have its election night special coverage of both the Orange County races AND the Chatham County primaries.

Also note, News 14 Carolina on cable television will be having live coverage of 17 races from around central and eastern North Carolina and will be reporting on a total of 74 different races with an on-screen ticker and other updates. Their coverage will start at 7:30 PM and run until 10 or 11 PM.

Hard work pays off

And the winners are:

County Commissioner (3 seats available)
Candidate Votes Percent
Barry Jacobs 6446 25.40%
Alice Gordon 6314 24.88%
Mike Nelson 5100 20.09%

Fred Battle 3934 15.50%
Betty Tom Phelps Davidson 1748 6.89%
Robin Cutson 1189 4.68%
Artie L. Franklin 651 2.56%

Superior Court Judge District 15B (2 seats available, 4 primary winners)
Candidate Votes (Orange/Chatham) Percent
Carl R. Fox 11345 (7066/4279) 36.64%
Adam Stein 6505 (4817/1688) 21.01%
Chuck Anderson 5145 (2863/2282) 16.62%
Allen Baddour 4736 (2577/2159) 15.30%

Michael W. Patrick 2031 (1300/732) 6.56%
Kenneth B. Oettinger 1197 (784/413) 3.87%

Orange County School Board (4 seats available)
Candidate Votes Percent
Susan Hallman 2819 22.94%
Debbie Piscitelli 2496 20.31%
Ted Triebel 2467 20.07%
Anne Medenblik 2378 19.35%

Tony McKnight 2035 16.56%

2006 Primary Maps: County Commissioners

These maps of the race for county commissioner are based on the unofficial results from the Orange County Board of Elections (May 2, 2006).

[Scroll down or widen your browser if you don't see the maps. -Ed.]

Individual candidate maps are available here. They include charts that show the five best and five worst precincts for each candidate. I'm sure someone will have something insightful to say about all of this. Direct links are as follows:

Give the Indy a piece of your mind

The Independent Weekly is asking for feedback on their political blog, dent. This is in concert with an article they're publishing next week about a book tour appearance by two major political bloggers, including Markos Moulitsas who was on a panel with me at South by Southwest. The article will also talk about political blogging in the Triangle.

Oh Terri!

To hear local patriot Terri Tyson describe this community, it's a wonder we don't have a Taliban party primary for Orange County Commissioners. Her diatribes in the local media are truly a last ditch effort to save Chapel Hill's soul. But unfortunately the backs of our cars reveal that it may be too late:

Every politically successful conservative position gets twisted. Now peace is patriotic and the phrase "God bless America" has been corrected to include a blessing for every nation on earth.
One bumper sticker proclaims that the real axis of evil is Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft, not the terrorists. This is blatantly anti-American.
The village in Texas that is missing its idiot, according to one bumper sticker, should admit that the Yale graduate, professional baseball team owner, Texas governor, and two-term president has gone a long way.
- Terri Tyson, letter to the Chapel Hill News, 5/7/06

Catch the NextBus

Chapel Hill is missing an excellent opportunity to deploy up to a hundred Internet hotspots along our transit corridors. Last week, the town signed a contract with NextBus, Inc. to provide, at a cost of $949,030, digital signs at 14 bus stops to inform riders of expected bus ETAs. NextBus, unlike competitors Motorola and Cityspace, uses last-gen cell technology over next-gen WiFi-MESH.

Instead of purchasing an open standards system utilizing WiFi/WiMAX wireless technology - technology allowing Chapel Hill to provide ubiquitous communication services to police, fire, public works and the general public from as many as 100 bus stops along the 26 bus transit routes - the town's transit department recently endorsed NextBus' proprietary cellphone-based bus-tracking system.

Specifically, NextBus is providing 14 digital signs, tracking of 83 vehicles and web-reporting on 26 routes for $949,030.



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