August 2006

Lame duck Chatham Commissioners ain't done yet

Just in case any of our neighbors in Chatham County had any shreds of a doubt about whether Bunkey Morgan is the head of a power-hungry cabal with no concern for ethics or democracy, not to mention smart growth...

Late Monday night following a public hearing, the Chatham Commissioners voted 3-2 to redraw election districts. The change means Patrick Barnes shares a district with newly elected commissioner George Lucier and will not be allowed to run for re-election when his term expires in 2008. He instead will have to wait until 2010 to file to run office again.
The county now is divided into five districts. Commissioners must live in the district they represent, but all voters elect all commissioners.

At a meeting last month, commission Chairman Bunkey Morgan proposed redistricting and district representation, saying he was prompted by county Republicans to suggest the change.

During Monday night's public hearing, supporters and opponents argued their cases before the commissioners.

Live on the Lawn

Sorry to start yet another thread on the Dancing Man Controversy, but this one's important and time-sensitive. Someone has answered the call for a dance-in. Be there tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30 and get your groove on! I understand that Bruce himself helped to organize this:

It's a Carrboro scandal...and Carrboro residents are dancing back...Wednesday, August 23, 5:30 pm... Weaver Street lawn…

In late July Carr Mill Mall manager Nathan Milian told Bruce Thomas, dancer extraordinaire, that he could no longer dance on the "private property" of Weaver Street Market's lawn. Read for a more complete story.

Partnership's priorities

After the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership spent considerable time and money last spring developing their retro logo and slogan, their board has decided it will not pony up for a local artist to assess the condition of downtown's murals.

If someone's going to put money into assessing the condition of the murals painted on various walls around town, it likely won't be the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership.

The partnership's board declined Wednesday to earmark $800 for artist Michael Brown to spend about three days studying the state of the murals and writing up a report on their condition. The board had expressed some doubts this spring about paying for an assessment and deferred action, and partnership director Liz Parham brought the matter back to the board's agenda Wednesday.
- Downtown group declines to pay for assessing murals, 8/24/06

Footloose Bruce petition & screening

1. There will be a discussion of the dancing ban and a screening of the movie Footloose on Sunday at 7 pm at 116 Old Pittsboro Rd in Carrboro. (Thanks, Michal.)

2. Please sign the petition below to support free expression on the lawn of Carr Mill Mall.

This is a special-rules OP post. For discussion, please join us at . Any non-petition-signing comments will be removed. E-mail validation is still required. Commenting below will indicate agreement with the following statement:

Welcome home, students

It's another bittersweet end of summer. The students are back, and the first-years are wandering around as lost as ever. I love the heat, but I'm ready for it to start feeling like fall any day now.

Looks like this year's Daily Tarheel Tar Heel editor is a local!

In his new job as editor of the Daily Tar Heel, Joe Schwartz says he wants to keep the paper focused on not just UNC, but all of Orange County.

Schwartz graduated from Chapel Hill High School.

- WCHL 1360: New DTH editor familar [sic] with Chapel Hill, 8/28/06

Looks like Joe knows at least one thing blogs are good for: speaking in your own words instead of just being filtered by the media. ;-)

Dan Siler: Being from Chapel Hill gives you a unique perspective to share with your staff, how do you use it?

I talked about how I know the area. Great. I didn't ever leave Chapel Hill. If I weren't able to use that for the newspaper, or say having connections to South Building as an SBP, it might make me seem kind of scared of the outside world.

N. Chatham Big Box (Wal-Mart?) A Step Closer

From the Chatham chatlist:

Lee-Moore Oil Co. requests rezoning of a 63.3 acre tract at the Chatham/Orange County line into a 29.4 acre conditional use B-1 business district and a 33.9 acre RA-40 residential district.

A separate request for the 29.4 acres is for a "home improvement center" and additional retail and shops. Of course once they get the permit for the "home improvement center" it doesn't matter what big box goes in.

Public Hearing September 18.

Dancing ban update

¡La danza continúa! Demostrations against the Carr Mill dancing ban and Weaver Street Market's "Live on the Lawn"program will continue with a dance-in today at 5:30. See how much fun we had last week, and read on to learn more about what's going on...

From Tamara Tal:

For more of that community magic…

We're Alive on the Lawn!

Same time, same place, same dance… let Carr Mill know that we're still here. Bring your friends, musical instruments— and your dancing shoes!

WSM lawn, Wednesday, August 30th 5:30 PM, the Carrboro community dances back!

Please forward widely.

From Sammy Slade:


For the past few years, our community has been treated to some wonderfully unique, thoughtful, and entertaining puppet shows by the Paper Hand Puppet Intervention. You have one weekend left to catch this year's edition "As The Crow Flies" at the Forest Theater and one weekend to see them at the N.C. Museum of Art after that. I saw the show last weekend and I highly recommend it. I laughed, I cried, I took pictures, I did a little jig, I clapped - a lot.

Along with Paper Hand's summer finale at the Forest Theater, Carrboro and Chapel Hill are bracing for a blast of creative energy this weekend with the RadiCackaLacky Puppetry Convergence coming to town. If you don't enjoy some puppets somewhere, you are missing out on some the more flavorful treats of living in Orange County.



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