October 2006

UNC Hospital Admin Salaries

Going For the Green

Sustainable North Carolina will be giving out its annual Sustainability Awards on Monday, October 30. Formerly known as Save Our State, the organization's goal is to promote "sustainability" in business and government sectors. Heavy hitters such as Weyerhauser, Progress Energy, IBM, and Dupont as well as Advanced Energy Corporation, Burt's Bee's , and the Environmental Defense Fund are involved with this organization.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce sponsors the "Foundation for a Sustainable Community" and it is a finalist for this year's Sustainability Award from Sustainable North Carolina (I'm beginning to feel sustainable myself after repeatedly typing this powerful word...).


Apologies for any confusion, I just made the necessary change to switch the blog back to eastern standard time. Goodbye daylight. :-(

FESTI-BUS for the rest of us!

No matter how much fun you have on Halloween, TTA invites everyone to celebrate FESTI-BUS on November 1st! TTA staff will be barnstorming around the region all day on November 1, bringing with them a few of the newest, most technologically advanced buses available on the market today. Brand New Demonstration Vehicles from Gillig, ORION, and OPTIMA bus companies will be coming to Chapel Hill from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM on Wednesday, November 1.

TTA has several events coming up in November where we will be soliciting public input on the design of TTA's next vehicle, as well as other topics pertaining to how we can improve our existing services. TTA will order these vehicles in 2007, and they will arrive in 2008. We want YOU to tell us what types of features and amenities these vehicles should have!

YOU will be able to walk onboard, kick the tires (gently), and take a survey about what you would like to see in the next generation of TTA buses. Everyone who attends FESTI-BUS and fills out our bus survey is eligible to WIN a $50 cash card just for giving your opinion!

Internationalist Books 25th Birthday Party

Join us at Open Eye Café (101 S. Greensboro St. in Carrboro) on Thursday, November 2nd for a good time, good people, and good cakes. We'll be celebrating our twenty-five years of activism and twenty-five years of community support. We will be auctioning off twenty-five cakes, of all shapes and types (some vegan!). Join us for a fun evening of cake, coffee, and sparkling wine, as well as friends and community.

We will also be presenting a first look at our Hidden Histories of Chapel Hill project, which compiles 25 chapters of local history that you probably didn't learn about in school: Floyd Council, laborers at Carr Mill, the 1937 riot, Junius Irving Scales, Elizabeth Cotten, the UNC Speaker Ban, King Nyle, the Journey of Reconciliation, Bob Brown, Joe Straley, Rosemary Ezra, Charlotte Adams and many more.

Internationalist Books & Community Center

Congressional debate video

After I watched Mark Barrosso's kick-ass video (thanks, Dan) about the "Yes Men" of Chatham County, http://YouTube.com offered me a related link to another regional political video. It was segments of Republican challenger Colonel Steve Acuff during a recent debate with Democratic incumbent Congressmember David Price.

I managed to find the entire 75 minute video (that shows Price as well as Acuff) on Google Video and thought I'd share it here (in spite of the fact that it has Acuff's URL in it):

If anyone has the patience to watch the whole thing, let me know how it ends. ;-)



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