November 2006

Forum and demo against military recruiting

The following is an announcement I just got by e-mail. Let's make it clear we don't want Chapel Hill's sons and daughters deceived into sacrificing themselves for Bush's ignoble cause.


On Wednesday, November 15, 2006, Chapel Hill's first military recruitment station is scheduled to open. This Army recruiting facility is being built because the military is desperate for more young people to continue occupying Iraq and to wage new wars on people all around the world. Military recruiters will use any means necessary to recruit our young people--their deceptive practices are well-documented. Please join us for the following events as we send a clear message of opposition to the militarization of our community and this blatant attempt to pull even more of our young people into the war to kill and be killed.

Breaking Down the Local Election Results

This is as comprehensive an analysis as I could write for my 800 word column, but it's a start. I'm sure our many citizen pundits will have interesting perspectives to add.

As published in the Chapel Hill Herald on November 11th, 2006:

Despite being a ‘blue moon' election year with no major statewide races in North Carolina, Tuesday night's election has some interesting implications for Orange and Chatham Counties.

One lesson learned is that we have the most popular senator in the state. With 74 percent of the vote, Ellie Kinnaird received a higher percentage of votes than anyone else in a contested seat throughout North Carolina. While some people like to peg her as a liberal kook from Carrboro, the fact that she won all but one precinct in Orange County points to her wide appeal.

Downtown safety forum tomorrow

The town is sponsoring (but not listing on their calendar) a forum on "crime & safety" downtown at 8:30am at Jack Sprat.

Panhandling and other issues will be up for discussion early Tuesday, as the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership - along with Chapel Hill police and town officials -hosts a forum for downtown stakeholders on crime and safety.

The forum is scheduled to run from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Jack Sprat Cafe, located at 161 E. Franklin St. Coffee will be served at 8 a.m. for those interested in coming early for networking.

The goal of the event is for the business community to bring its concerns to officials, as well as to learn about the new downtown police force and other efforts to improve safety.
- Town to address problems of panhandling, gangs - City

Fly-over Thursday

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for passing along this information so we needn't have our annual heart attack when Chapel Hill is invaded by noisy, low-flying military planes:

Our F-15's have had a change in their schedule and will be arriving in
Chapel Hill this Thursday (Nov. 16th) for their practice runs. The time will remain the same - between 3-4pm. PLEASE pass this information along to anyone who needs to be kept in the loop. Let me know if you have any questions.

Again, F-15 practice runs will take place over Kenan this Thursday between 3-4 pm.


Michael Beale
Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing
University of North Carolina Athletics

I must admit, I still don't get why they need to do this in the middle of our busy town. Don't they have military bases for this kind of thing?

Carrboro Film Festival This Sunday 11/19!

Just a reminder that the Carrboro Film Festival is this Sunday, 11/19 at 2pm. It is going to be held at the Century Center and is only 3 bucks. We will be featuring locally produced short films and awarding the Kay Kyser Award to the best films. Come out and support the arts in Orange. More info can be found at

Nic Beery
Festival Chair

Communicating Regional Issues in a New Media World

So I'll be gone for the rest of the week doing dual duty as a granddaughter and conference panelist. I'll be speaking about OrangePolitics at the National Forum of the Alliance for Regional Stewardship. I'm not telling you this to brag but to a) let you know what a special thing we have going here, and b) ask for your input on the topic:

Communicating Regional Issues in a New Media World: More than one report has noted the demise of newspapers as the principle means by which citizens learn about their region and its opportunities and challenges. In their place, many organizations are now making creative and effective use of new communications technologies to reach constituents. This session will be filled with practical insights into putting the new communication tools to work.

UNC honored by national Sierra Club

The national Sierra Club honored UNC for its innovative stormwater techniques in a publication released today.

Selected excerpts from a press release issued by Bernadette Pelissier of the Orange/Chatham Group of the Sierra Club:

Carolina North: The Invisible Discussion Forum

[ X-Posted from]

Did you know that UNC has created an online discussion forum?

Hey, I wouldn't have known but for this email:

Hello all,

I'm writing to let you know that the public discussion forum for Carolina North is now accessible online at If you would like to post a comment, click the "leave a comment" link at the bottom of the page, and you'll be asked to register your name and e-mail address. Once registered, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, after which you can post comments.

Colie Hoffman
Office of Information and Communications

Chapel Hill speaks out on the Downtown Development Initiative.

The Chapel Town Council has a big meeting tonight. I meant to blog about it in advance, but since I didn't I will start this thread and hope to post live comments as it goes along.

Here's the agenda. I'll stick with this at least through the Public Forum on the Downtown Development Initiative.

Final answer

Looks like Allen Baddour will get the second Superior Court seat as he has retained the same small margin he had after the provisional ballots were counted last week.

It took all day Tuesday for the ballots to be recounted, but when the final count was in, Baddour had received 17,228 votes, and Stein had received 17,165, a 63-vote difference.
- Baddour retains Superior Court post

Since we had four very talented and qualified candidates running for these two seats, I knew we'd have a good judge coming out of it either way. I do regret that our community will never get to have Adam Stein on the bench, but we still benefit from his work in so many other ways.

Congratulations, Allen. It's certainly nice to see someone my own age in a respected position of authority. Give 'em hell!



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