March 2009

Ready for a county income tax?

I've been writing about local government funding and the relationship of the state to the locals for a couple of decades now. Given that we saw a serious 'no' vote on the real estate transfer tax and are in the midst of another discussion over property taxes, I thought I'd get another revenue source that's not talked about all that much on the table.

Time for comprehensive sex education in NC!

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Healthy Youth Act (HB 88)

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Thursday, February 5th, the Healthy Youth Act (House Bill 88) was officially filed in the North Carolina House of Representatives. The Healthy Youth Act would require schools to offer a two-track system for teaching sex education in North Carolina- one for abstinence-only education and another for comprehensive sex education. Parents decide which track their child will take.

200 youth activists storm the North Carolina capitol, the Healthy Youth Act PASSES in committee!

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Last Tuesday, March 10th, was Adolescent Health Advocacy Day in NC.  Over 200 youth activists and state officials gathered at the NC capitol to learn about effective advocacy and important issues like comprehensive sex education, teen pregnancy, mental health, and physical health.  The morning featured youth speakers and state senators and representatives speaking about why we needed to make our voices heard. 

N&O cutting pay, eliminating 78 jobs

The News & Observer in Raleigh is cutting salaries of all employees earning $25,000 or more per year and also eliminating 78 jobs in the latest series of cost-cutting measures.


While this was not unexpected it is nevertheless disappointing news.  It is especially sad to think not only of the 78 employees who will lose their jobs but also of all the remaining employees who are taking significant cuts in pay and forced furloughs.  Boy, McClatchy has certainly made a mess of things with their desire to be bigger (and better?).

I think the town vehicle tax is misnamed.

I got my vehicle tax in the mail recently.  It was $155 for an 8 year old car.  Okay, let's not dwell on that.  The reason I mention it is that it is a "vehicle" tax.  However, I suspect it's not truly a vehicle tax.  Bicycles are vehicles and since there's essentially no regulation on bikes around here I assume the town doesn't have records of who owns one and therefore doesn't send out tax bills for them.

 If that's the case, shouldn't the tax be a "motor vehicle" tax instead of a "vehicle" tax?  Or, just keep it a "vehicle" tax and tax all vehicles.  Or best of all, get rid of it and then you won't have to call it anything, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

 In a separate note, I went to the state DMV website to make sure that bikes were indeed considered to be vehicles and while there I saw that it wasn't a state law for bikers over 16 to wear helmets in NC but that local places can pass their own law.  That makes me wonder if it is a law in this area.  If it's not it should be IMO considering biking is so strongly encouraged while so many people are simultaneously forced to drive.

Time-Warner, revisited

Time-Warner, its relationship with the town of Chapel Hill, and cable TV agreements are the subject of two CH Herald stories this morning.

 1. "Time Warner Cable, town to break ties March 31" Daniel Goldberg:  "Time Warner Cable has notified the town that a local franchise agreement between the two entities will be terminated effective March 31 . . . [Under] the Video Service Competition Act ... all cable franchise agreements instituted after Jan. 1, 2007, will be licensed by the N.C. secretary of state and agreements like the one between Time Warner and the town of Chapel Hill could be terminated if a competing cable provider were authorized to offer services in the same area." (regis. needed)

 2. "Town opposed cable service legislation" Daniel Goldberg - a history of town opposition to the legislation. (regis. needed).


I am a volunteer and the spokesman for Orange County FreedomWorks.  I was contacted by a citizen concerned about inaccuracies on this site about Tax Revolt and FreedomWorks.  I thought it might be a good idea to attempt to correct some of the inaccuracies by providing information.

Project Pledge Canvass to Support President Obama's budget

OC3 and Organizing for America Team up to Canvass!

President Obama has asked us take grass roots action this week and canvass our community, friends and neighbors for the important budget changes we voted for in November- sustainable energy; affordable health care for all and investment in education.

OC3 will launch a canvass after training from the Carrboro Farmers Market, Saturday 21. at 11 am.Come to the free speech zone for information, training and materials.Check for a canvass that suits your schedule.



Saturday, March 21, 2009 - 7:00am


Carrboro Farmers Market, Main St. Carrboro,NC

ReCYCLEry Moving to a New Home

Everything is confirmed and the final details are being smoothed out for moving the ReCYCLEry from our wonderful Bolin Creek home of the past several years to 103 Padgette Lane, Carrboro. Padgette Lane is the small road that comes off of Main Street in between the recently vacated Performance Bike Shop and the Carrboro Arts Center parking lot.



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