April 2010

Joe Hackney

School: JD, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Law School, 1970, AB, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, 1967, Attended, North Carolina State University.

Cathy Wright Sanford

School: Russell Sage College in Troy, NY in 1972 with a BS in Nursing

Verla Insko

School: California State University in Fresno for AB in Biology; University of California at Berkeley for secondary teaching certificate; Masters of Public Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill.
 Mission Statement: “I favor progressive taxes and focusing on prevention and early intervention rather than waiting for a crisis.” (from personal website)Previous Office: Delegate, National Conference for State Legislatures, 1999; Orange County Coordinator, David Price for Congress, 1986, 1996; Commissioner, Orange County Board of Commissioners, 1990-1994; Chair/Member, Orange County Water and Sewer

David Price

School: Mars Hill College, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale University for theology and degree and Ph.D. in Political Science.

Frank Roche

School: University of Rhode Island Mission Statement: “America First Always and Everywhere, Securing America, Responsible Government, Controlled Immigration.” (from personal website)

William "B.J." Lawson

School: Duke University

Mission Statement: “North Carolina has been my home for my entire adult life. I am proud to be a North Carolinian and JoLynn and I want to make sure that it is as wonderful a place to live for our children as it has been for us.” (from personal website) 

George Hutchins

Mission Statement: “JOIN THE HUTCHINS LEGAL WAR TO FIGHT FOR U.S.  SENIOR CITIZEN RIGHTS !!” (from personal website)

David Burnett

Mission Statement: “I am a roofer so let’s imagine together you and I sitting on top of a roof seeing a train full of people increasing in speed going downhill towards the cliff of chaos. Government spending is the engine – Greed and Ignorance are its fuel. Some of the passengers have seen the cliff ahead but many have not and continue to yell “faster, faster”. You see, we’re all on that train and most of us know what debt feels like by our own experience.

BOCC Joint Meeting with School Boards

7:00 – 7:15



Opening Comments








7:15 – 8:00



Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools -

       Presentation of  FY 2010-11 Board of Education Approved Budget








8:00 – 8:45



Orange County Schools-

       Presentation of  FY 2010-11 Board of Education Approved Budget









8:45 – 9:00



Closing Comments


Southern Human Services Center

The final countdown

The Primary Election is in one week! (What a great time for a statewide news network to stop reporting and start begging, eh?)  Early voting is still on until Saturday at 1pm at the Board of Elections office in Hillsborough and at the Planetarium on UNC's campus. Remember: you can REGISTER and VOTE in one swell foop only if you vote early, and you can do it in either location. If you vote on Election Day (Tuesday, May 4) you have to do it at the site for the precinct where you are registered. (Check out a sample ballot.)

In Orange County, we'll be selecting members of the County School Board (not city schools, only county) and making partisan nominations for County Commissioner, County Sheriff, State Legislative seats. We'll also be joining the rest of state state in nominating candidates for U.S. Senate and Court of Appeals Judges, but the difference is that the winners of the Democratic Party primary in Orange County will be over the hump, whereas the battle for the Senate will be just beginning. 

Here are some of the resources we've put together on OrangePolitics this year to share information about the candidates...



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